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Top 5 Evening Activities for your stag weekend in Bath

Opium Bar

Set within the vaults of Bath, this curious bar is a must see for when visiting the city. Be greeted by a warm ambience as you set foot within this trendy and unique venue. Filled with quirky furnishings from a gramophone to a honky-tonk piano, there’s something to catch your eye. Selling a wide range of refreshing international beers and spirits, this cleverly designed theatrical bar is sure to amuse. So step right in to this mad-hatter-esque bar for an off-the-wall experience.

After Dark

Zero fuss on your stag night out is exactly what we all want right? That’s why our After Dark package is so gloriously good. From a choice of well-known brands, choose where you want to have your tasty 2 course meal followed by guest list entry into a top nightclub where you can bop and pop all night long. So with no diddle daddling on your big night out means you’re on track to having an epic stag party – bing bang bosh.  

Burger and Lobster

The Burger and Lobster is exactly what it says it is, serving only Burger and Lobster. This no-menu restaurant has simplicity at its heart to ensure that you have the best quality of food that’s not only delicious but its damn right good. This trendy restaurant is a perfect choice for you and the lads to have your feast of a meal munching on man’s favourite delights.

Bath Brew House

If beer is what you’re after than one place to check out is Bath Brew House. This eccentric pub features some of the best local breweries around and not only that but Bath Brew House also hosts its own micro-brewery where it produces 3 of its own marvellous cask ales. Boasting a chilled atmosphere and offering flavoursome dishes with the use of its own smokehouse, Bath Brew House is sure to not disappoint.

Cocktail Making

Looking to try something a bit different before you hit the bars? An activity that will get you all in the party spirit is cocktail making. You’ll be laughing and slurping on trendy cocktails as you mix, shake and stir your own concoctions. This is sure to get all the boys talking and bring out that inner competitiveness to become best mixologist. Learn the skills of the trade and show them what you’ve got!

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