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Stag Party MANchester – It’s all in the Name!

Where to go

So you’re planning your best mates stag do and your first big decision is where the hell to have the thing. Well not to mention worldwide locations (patriotically we believe UK stag dos are top notch) there are hundreds of locations to choose from on home soil. Quite obviously the best place in which to bag yourself a legendary stag weekend is with us at Gents Events – and we have 17 of the best party cities there are to visit available to you. Now that’s an ordeal in itself – but which would Dave like? Would the lads approve? Well, as always we’re here to give you a nudge in the right direction or at the very least inject you with everything you need to make an informed decision.

We’ve put together this blog as a kind of pitch to have your stag party in Manchester – obviously there are many plus points to having a stag weekend in all of our cities, but it’s about finding the right one for you and your mates. Have a read, it may sway you and it may not – our main argument being Manchester is the perfect place for a ‘manly’ stag do – the clues in the name! We take a look at the most typically manly Stag do activities in Manchester that we have available.

 Driving Stag Do

Go Karting was always a firm favourite when it came to the lads doing something at the weekend, but you may not get the freedom to do this so much anymore with working those extra office hours, Sunday league, picking your dream team and Carly wanting to spend ‘more quality time together’ (who came up with date nights?!). As a stag do traditionally marks the end of a ‘lad’ era and the beginning of being, well a grown-up – you can bet that the kick abouts and afternoons of FIFA will only get increasingly few and far between – so go grab the opportunity by the wheel and get yourself Go Karting and conjure up some proper teenage nostalgia.

Adventure Stag Activity

We mentioned kick abouts… this has to be the KING of kick abouts! Football, whilst confined to giant bubble from the thighs up! We can see you now imagining – that’s right, conjure up that picture of you and the bubble bound boys scurrying around a field – BAM! Dave just got pounded by Gav, he was always going to get it! Bubble Football is exactly how it sounds, hilarious! Play football (or should I say try to) play games and generally have a complete laugh. Plenty of pushing and scads of shoving, you’ll be bouncing and rolling your way to the best stag do weekend ever!

Something Different

You’ve heard of Man vs. Food well now it’s time for a whole new level of consumption (or as we like to think, indulgence) – have you got what it takes to conquer Stag vs. Food? Whether it’s just the stag taking on the mighty challenge or your whole group (now there’s an idea!) there’s a whole load of meat, bucket loads of fries and, actually just read the list 1x brioche bun, 10g lettuce, 3 slices of red onion, 2 sliced tomatoes, 10g of mayo, 30g of burger relish, 5x 6oz burgers, 1 chicken breast, 4 hash browns, 5 bacon slices, 5 cheese slices, 60g of Franks hot sauce, 10g of jalapenos, 12 onion rings and 500g of chips! We’re hungry, are you?

Need more Stag do Ideas?

So your stag party Manchester is sorted, try out one of the above – or all three (we would probably stick to the food last – that could get messy, spewing in a bubble is not a good look or experience!) All three are certainly not for the faint hearted, so bring out the MAN in Manchester – book your stag party there today! 

For more great Stag do ideas, visit our Stag do Ideas page.

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