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Stag Do London Questions Answered


So you’re deciding whether to have your stag do in London? All the information you can get is helpful – but being a man it’s nice to have it all set out simply in front of you. Our latest infographic gives you some handy bits of stuff to mill over and consider when looking at London for your stag weekend.

Who organises this stuff?


It seems the best men of London stag do’s take their role as chief organiser very seriously. Preferring to call themselves that rather than ‘best man’. When in the capital, you want to be king! Be even more of a legend and come prepared with some awesome stag do games  – which we’ve outlined for you here.

How popular is a London stag do?


Now, 3% might not sound like a lot but when it comes to the amount of stags spread across our cities – we’re talking A LOT of eager gentlemen ready to tear up London town on a stag weekend they’ll never forget! Its popularity might also be down to the awesome daytime activities the city offers, as well as amazing nights out!

How many stags go on a London stag do?


This is pretty average when it comes to stag group sizes – however never underestimate the impact of 14 men walking through Leicester Square dressed as Colonel Sanders (KFC fame) and his brood of chickens! (Yes, this made us feel hungry too!) Not into fancy dress? We’ve got some amazing ideas for your t-shirts here.

How long do you leave between a London stag do and the wedding?


The UK average is 45 days, which might serve as a warning that your London stag do may be more raucous that your typical stag weekend. We say, keep in mind eyebrows take a month to grow back – and give yourself time to find your dignity.

How much does a London stag do cost?


Per person, a London stag do with us at Gents Events costs an average of £130.52 – which is only £4 above the UK average including some of the cheapest cities in the UK. We’ll admit we thought it would work out at least double your non-capital stag city – but Gents Events have pulled it out the bag again. Some of us spend more than that when we head out for a ‘casual couple’ on a Friday after work! See what bargains you can bag on our offers page here.

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