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Netflix and Kill – TV and Film Inspired Halloween Costumes


The Joker – The Dark Knight


A modern day classic. Ever since the late Heath Ledger’s portrayal in The Dark Knight back in 2008 – the Joker has been a popular choice with Halloween enthusiasts. The basics being a purple and green suit ensemble, but the thing that has to be just right is the face paint. I say face paint, there’s nothing child’s play about it! You would think a streaky merge of white, black and red would be pretty easy but we recommend a few trail runs to get it spot on – it’s all in the detail. This guy has some serious Halloween points for detail, read how he created his perfect Joker here.

Walter White – Breaking Bad


Believe it or not the hit series Breaking Bad also first came to our screens in 2008. Although its popularity and along with it a huge hype didn’t come along until much later. Netflix needs some serious thanking for this! Although not scary in your typical sense, Walter White is still dealing with some rather sticky and sometimes gruesome situations throughout the series. Simple to re-create with separate staple pieces – hat, glasses, facial hair, boiler suit and so on. This guy will give you a hand to recreate his look! Grab a mate, he can be Jesse.

Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead


With the new series of The Walking Dead well underway choosing that as your Halloween theme is right on trend. Although we’re suggesting a twist, instead of turning up as your standard zombie why not be the main himself – Rick. Sometimes he is as annoying as a common house poltergeist – so we reckon this makes him worthy of Halloween fancy dress subject status. That, and fighting zombies obviously. Awesome for a stag do – get your entourage to be the dead folk. Learn
how to dress like Sheriff Grimes here.

White Walker – Game of Thrones

These guys need not be explained as to why they are scary as hell itself – just look at his face! Imagine bumping into Mr blue eyes on a dark, lonely walk home. Brrrrr no don’t. That said, this is what Halloween is about – scaring the crap out of you and what better way than channelling your inner Oathkeeper and getting all wrinkly and white! This crazy video tutorial shows you how to create a White Walker face – she is a girl but we imagine the principle is the same. 

Alex - A Clockwork Orange

Stanley Kubrick created the weird world of Clockwork Orange from the book of the same name before many of you (me included) were even born. The 1971 cult film, tells the story of a terrible violent gang the ‘Droogs’ in very questionable attire. Admittedly we should not be taken in by this glamorisation, but we can’t help but feel how cool it would be to take on the persona of head man Alex. All in white with some obscure over-trouser underpants wearing, grab a bowler hat and paint on some eyelashes! These guys all did it quite well. 

Twisty the Clown – American Horror Story

More recently the people of American Horror Story have bought us the circus. And apart from the fact we’ve seen these actors before, only playing different people yeah confuses us too) it’s pretty good stuff. By good, I mean so scary. This stuff can mess with your mind. And the one guy who gets into our heads the most – Twisty the Clown. What a friendly chap he is – putting ‘It’ to shame. Probably an awful lot of effort to get it right, but worth it to see the looks on people’s faces. A bit like how yours will be when looking through these Twisty’s

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