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All the Stag Weekends – One Man and his Badger

For most of us, there is a few years during your lifetime in which attending stag do’s and weddings are a rather regular occurrence. You would expect though, that these occasions would be those of good mates – not those of strangers!

For one man, Will Stevenson, this is exactly the case. He has found himself in attendance of over 16 stag do’s in the last 3 months, all of which have been time spent with people he doesn’t have any previous relations with. In June earlier this year, office manager Will found himself with a spare weekend to fill. Unlike most of us, who would call a few mates see what they’re up to, or even invest some quality with the missus (or FIFA) Will opted to place a bid on a rather special EBay purchase. And what do you know, the 36 year old ends up in Budapest with a bunch of guys ready to have it large on their friends stag do weekend! Will has since travelled over 31,000 miles (despite being afraid of flying) to luxury destinations like Barcelona and Madrid as well as those closer to home like Blackpool.

However, Will’s stag do ‘hobby’ hasn’t been cheap – his first purchase costing him £400, he has now spent over £10,000 in travel, drinks and various stag weekend essentials. Positively though, Will’s story has been picked up by the media and of course people LOVE his story. To make things just that little more unbelievable and frankly, hilarious is the fact that Will has a trusty stag weekend side kick called Seth. A mate you say? Well, kind of. Seth is a cuddly badger. Yep, you read that right the first time. He has accompanied Will on all of his adventures, and attracts rather a lot of attention.

Will and his antics have been reported on by big name news giants like The Metro and The Daily Star, as well as gaining support from Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills. Will’s social media has since gone crazy, totting up nearly 4,000 followers on Twitter (here he is, if you want to join in the banter).

One question that does pain us, is where on earth did the badger thing come from? Well, from research – Will told The Nottingham Post “the badger thing started because I was signing up for an email and it suggested “Willhasabadger” as my email”. The rest is history and very much present – and seems also the foreseeable future. Inundated with stag weekend invitations and personal appearance requests, Will won’t be finding himself with a weekend to spare any time soon!

We have been in touch with Will and his mate Seth as we think it’s about time they experienced a whole other wave of parties – the hen do. Watch this space folks. 

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