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Top 5 Day Time Activities for Bournemouth

So you’ve decided on Bournemouth as your choice of destination for your stag party. Sorted.  Now it’s time for you to choose what you and your mates are going to do during the day.

As lads we know we pride ourselves on there being no fuss and no messing around when it comes to making decisions - we get right to the point and there’s no diddle daddle. Or so that’s what we like to think, but secretly the thought of choosing what activities we should do for our stag party is as difficult as choosing between a  burger with all the trimmings (onion rings included mind) or a stuffed crust pizza with all the toppings imaginable.
Thankfully that’s not a decision I need to make right now.

Luckily for you Gents Events are here to help - not wanting to sound big headed or anything but we know a few things about the activities Bournemouth offers that are sure to take your fancy . Which means you can sit back, have a read and even have time to have that Burger and Pizza (would be rude not to).

Quad Biking

So you’re ready and rearing to go and wanting an adrenaline packed activity. I can guarantee an activity to meet this need is quad biking. It even sounds like an activity belonging to a James Bond movie (unfortunately no suit is included). You’ll be facing difficult terrain as you tear down bumpy tracks (not as simple as it sounds!). So prepare to be challenged and get muddy!

Stag VS Food

Ok, so I don’t need to sell you on eating, as we all know food is great (the greasier the better in some cases), but how about adding a bit of fun to your lunch? One way to fill that belly and bring out the competitiveness in you is stag vs food. Yes, it sounds epic. Try and finish the mound of food whilst having a few beverages and catch up with your mates – this is bound to bring out that fighting talk whilst having a great time.


You already have the crazy night out planned and just fancy doing something more chilled during the day but not sure what you can do that isn’t just walking around? Then why not hire some bikes and explore what Bournemouth has to offer on two wheels. Bournemouth offers all types of cycle routes that are sure to keep your group happy whilst having fun. Race your mates over hilly tracks at Purbeck Ridgeway for an exhilarating ride or take it easy to soak in the sights along the promenade.

There are plenty of places that do bike hire, check out Front Bike Hire and Kool Cylcle Hire in central Bournemouth to see what bikes they offer.

Bubble Football

You can probably guess by the title that bubble football just isn’t any ordinary game of football, it’s bigger and better.  Enclosed within an inflatable zorb from the knees up you’ll be running around the pitch bumping, rolling and bouncing your way to the goal. Yes it’s ridiculous and yes it’s bizarre which is why this activity is bound to have everyone laughing.

Coastal Activities

Suns out, guns out. Bournemouth is the perfect place to get down the beach and try out some thrill seeking activities. If you fancy hitting the waves and trying your luck at not falling in the sea (but we all know that’s the best bit) why not have a go at the likes of surfing, kayaking or body boarding? If water isn’t your thing, or you just don’t want to ruin your Joey Essex tan and gelled hair, you can always get together as a group and play a game of volleyball or touch rugby.

Check out Coastal Activity Park who offer various types of beach activities at Boscombe Beach

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