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Our Top 5 Stag Do Cities



Good because – of its location. Stag do’s nowadays can be the gathering of many from all over the UK. Birmingham doesn’t get any more central (save perhaps Coventry but were not sure they have quite so much to offer!) Birmingham
is really well connected through its fantastic network of trains, coaches and even planes!

We recommend – Bubble football followed by a stay in our city centre silver hotel!

Not for – those weary of big cities. Second only to London, Birmingham is fast moving and top of its game when it comes to lively nightlife. Another one of our blogs shows all the best things to do both day and night.

Fascinating fact – The hottest curry in the world was first served up in Birmingham – made from fiery naga chillies from the Himalayas.


Good because – Bristol is home to proper West Country cider and real ale brews as well as delicious cheeses; what more could you want!

We recommend - the weird and wonderful! Passionate locals have a wicked sense of humour welcoming anyone up for a laugh. West Country games throws you into Bristol’s (albeit stereotypical) culture whilst having the time of your life with inflatables!

Not for – those looking for sophistication or complexity. Bristol is what it is, honest good fun!

Fascinating fact – Ribena was invented in Bristol. Believe it or not as a ‘good health’ drink, providing the drinker with much needed vitamin C. (Apparently with high levels of sugar too!)


Good because – Cardiff is a sporting capital and has been since completion of the millennium stadium. It plays host to some top notch football and rugby.

We recommend – getting a real taste of Wales with a Welsh Games stag do afternoon. Quite frankly, absolutely hilarious! Check out our blog post for various other options.

Not for – the culture shy. Visiting Cardiff you will need to embrace Cardiff’s history, people, quirks and traditions. But don’t worry, the locals are sound.

Fascinating fact – Famous people from Cardiff include Charlotte Church (fit) Ryan Giggs (Ledg) Gabby Logan (fit) Joe Calzaghe (Ledg) Katherine Jenkins (fit) I can see a pattern here…

Download your FREE Cardiff city guide here.


Good because – of its northern charm. Whether you love it or perhaps the accents just down right amuse you. There’s no hiding though that Yorkshire folk are up there when it comes to being down to earth.

We recommend - it’s awesome shooting experiences. Leeds has more variety than any of our other cities when it comes to this specific activity – read about them here!

Not for – the faint hearted. You’ll need to chuck yourself in head first when it comes to Leeds. Immerse yourself in adventurous daytimes then get raucous by night!

Fascinating fact – Leeds is a golfers paradise; with a massive 21 courses in all!


Good because – of its surrounding outdoor space; making it best for a whole manner of adventure activities! (Also home to the only Hooters restaurant outside of the US, read all about it here)

We recommend – trying out a wealth of different driving activities. From traditional go karts and quads to something more daring like 4 x 4’s (feeling really up for it why not try this blindfolded!)

Not for – those in search of big city life. Head to its countryside for energetic afternoons before visiting its compact city centre where you’ll find a many a bar, restaurant and club catering for all tastes.

Fascinating fact – Nottingham gave us the well-used painkiller Ibuprofen, which seems pretty apt as you’ll probably be needing a couple the morning after!

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