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Shoot into the ‘Leed’ when it comes to your stag do!

Gents Events sends lucky stags to 15 cities throughout the UK, so it can be a bit of a task when it comes to choosing the best location for your weekend. Of course, we think they’re all pretty awesome – and you’re guaranteed to have a blast wherever you choose.  But, for today we would like to put forward the argument for the modern, the exciting and the all-round party central that is Leeds.
Most of our activities are available in every city we work in, however there are a few exceptions to this rule where locations are limited – where specialised venues, space or surroundings are required. In these cases we like to think of the specific activities are exclusives! You’re not going to get an experience like it in many other cities. And, you’ve guessed it, Leeds falls into this category!
Although shooting days are also available in York and Birmingham, it is Leeds who steps out ahead when it comes to variety and specialisms. With the popularity of TV shows such as Game of Thrones it’s no wonder weapon training and shooting have come into their own. You’ll want to hear more about our different shooting experiences…


With guidance from your professional instructor you can learn how to use this ancient Chinese weapon. The crossbows used are especially designed for beginners, with a 40lb draw – making them easier to work but without sacrifices on speed and accuracy. To finish, as a true reflection of marksmanship you get to shoot an apple above a child’s head (it’s a dummy you…dummy!).

Air Rifles

Essentially, glorified BB guns – but don’t let that put you off! These guns are very cool – as soon as you hold one you’ll believe you’re a hero.  After instruction and practice you’ll get to try out a series of exciting targets – from the silly to the skilled and then on to a challenging finale. See who has the most accurate shot and can be the first to explode the firework!

Sniper Shooting

The ultimate shooting experience! No-one is a cooler hero than a sniper. Using both rifles and pistols you will learn how to shoot with unbeatable accuracy all within a purpose built sniper range. The guns are not only powerful and accurate, but boast the latest in shooting technology with bipods and telescopic sights. It’s hard not to get competitive – but that’s half the fun!

Clay Pigeon Shooting

A classic, and never losing popularity for a reason.  This shooting experience is challenging, exciting and fast moving.  Each of you will get a whole load of clays to shoot – starting with practice and easy shot through to super-fast harder ones.  You’ll be battling it out until someone can call themselves champion! With this particularly activity you also get one other action experience.  Choose from the climbing wall, the leap of faith or an assault course.

Laser Tag

Another traditional shooting activity – only with more technology and less danger (no paintball bruises or chances of taking an eye out). Unlike other activities you have ten lives (hypothetically speaking of course!) to battle it out with the lads in various battle scenarios. Let’s just see who has the skills to come out as the soldier on top!


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