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Nottingham; committed to driving you wild!

For years Gents Events have had a massive range of adventure activities in Nottingham. With Sherwood Forest being a close neighbour of the city along with many other outdoor spaces – it’s no wonder Nottingham is the ideal location to host your party weekend – especially if you’re an adrenalin loving stag group!
It’s always been the case with a lad’s daytime get together for go karting to be suggested. You may be fooled into thinking it’s an activity for teenage boys, as common as having a kick about in the park. However, recent years have seen an upsurge in popularity of these seemingly retro pastimes.

The go karting scene has upped its game, with massively powerful karts nothing like you’ve drove before (most have an age limit on them – so you wouldn’t have rode these bad boys during your school holidays!). Tracks have been especially designed incorporating speeding straights, tight bends and drifting corners – and did I mention they are longer than ever?!

This firm lads favourite now offers both indoor and outdoor tracks as standard at most venues. Testosterone filled, leading to a highly competitive atmosphere. Taking you back to your younger days – just on a whole new level!

Catching up with Jason at his stag do in Nottingham; you can see what an awesome time the lads had -

But it’s not just go karting that’s got us excited, Nottingham is also one of the best cities to check out another established boys playtime activity; quad biking. Similarly to go karting, the bikes themselves have become all round more impressive with highly powered engines, and the latest mechanical technology. Easier to ride than their clunky predecessors – whiz over rugged terrain and lean round those corners! Tracks are custom built, making it more about the experience than just ‘a go on a quad bike’ – purposely placed bumps and obstacles along with challenging turns all washed down with mud and deep water!

If all this seems just a little bit childish for your liking, and we haven’t managed to convince you of a new generation of go karting and quad biking popularity, then maybe something a little more grown up. Serious players in the driving activity world are the big daddy 4 x 4‘s. Its white knuckle stuff, with climbs, mud, ruts, pits and amazing descents to say the absolute least. Imagine doing all that blindfolded too!

Always a winner with stag groups, you can’t go wrong with a driving activity from Gents Events – and if we’re honest there’s just no where better to try it out than Nottingham. It doesn’t stop there though, adrenalin pumping other driving activities include buggy karting, tank driving and even hover crafting!

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