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Top 5 Night Time Things to Do in Brighton

Mods and rockers were ruling Brighton night life before some of us were even a glint in our daddy’s eye. They set it up good – a high standard of good times is constantly lived up to in Brighton. Famed for its gay scene, this comes coupled with the best nightclubs, fabulous karaoke bars and a whole load of comedy and cheese. Brighton stag dos are the cream of the crop – you’re sure to have a lad’s weekend to remember (or depending on the amount of consumption, maybe not!) Following our Top 5 daytime activities in Brighton blog, we’ve come up with a list of the top 5 things to do when the sun goes down and your party shirts come out!

Party Bus

A damn good night out… on wheels! You know that annoying bit where you have to walk or taxi from bar to bar (only takes out precious pure stag time!) well with a party bus this isn’t an issue. Once you step aboard, the night begins. Taking you from bar to bar to bar to club – with drinks and on the move entertainment in the form of top sound systems and some even with karaoke and poles (lads…. We know you want a go!) 


A guaranteed hilarious night – guest comperes, top comedy acts providing the best comedy experience on the circuit. We know the lads weekends are all about the banter, but if you decide to heckle – remember what goes around comes around and you could end up being the sport monkey for the rest of the night! Most shows continue with an after party where you can get the rounds in and get the moves out!  


Viva Las Brighton! Party like The Hangover with multiple casino floors, catering for high rollers and novices alike. Choose from a range of packages including food, meals, drinks or canapés alongside a variety of games bundles. Why not take bets on who will gamble the most away and who will win the big bucks!

Brighton Pier

Icon and epicentre of all things Brighton seaside! Stag dos and lads weekends are great excuses to act like kids again – and what better way to do this than riding rollercoasters, eating hot dogs and supping on cold beer (oh wait, that’s a later bonus addition). Brighton Pier boasts two massive arcades and 15 amazing rides all nestled between food stalls, bars, pubs, kiosks and restaurants. Head there early evening or carry on the antics from the daytime – worth spending pre-night out time or even the whole evening! 

Brighton Marina

When you go on your jollies and it’s by the sea – time has to be spent in the local marina. Might be a little on the nerdy side but boats are cool. Boats with hot tubs, built in BBQ’s and detachable jet skis! Ok, so you won’t be able to experience them first hand but having a good old nosey at just how cool they are followed by some grub and glugs at the marinas many bars and restaurants sounds pretty awesome to us. Maybe reserve for the first or last night out when things are little more chilled – but there’s nothing there to stop you getting well on your way to merry!

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