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Top 5 daytime activities for Brighton

So fellas, why choose Brighton for a stag weekend?  Is it because it has the world’s largest aquarium? Interesting fact I suppose, but probably not. Ok so maybe you’re thinking about going as it was the first place in the world to hold a cargo flight back in 1911? Same answer? Fair enough. How about then if I tell you that in Brighton, there over 400 pubs! That’s right 400! Now I get that repeating myself may come across as if I’m promoting one of those painfully annoying double glazing adverts that you see on the TV where that guy repeats a telephone number in a high pitch voice over and over again, but are we not interested in the odd pub or 2 on a stag weekend? Just think if you were to visit a different pub in Brighton every day it would take you over a year to get round them all! That’s made me go weak at the knees juts writing about it. So hopefully if I now have your attention, here are 3 more interesting other random facts as to why to why you should choose good old Brighton:

  • 8 million tourist visit per year (surely 8 million people can’t be wrong?)
  • Noel Gallagher is a resident (a legend who knows where a good party is at its safe to say)
  • Brighton’s famous nudist beach is open all year round (for the confident chaps of the stag)

Now I’ve finished talking for England about why you should visit Brighton, here are my top 5 ‘Brighton Stag Do Ideas’ that I my good self would personally recommend to you good folk.

Brighton & Hove Albion FC

It’s not every day you get the chance to say you’ve watched one of the world’s greatest footballing teams of our generation in one of the most renowned iconic sporting stadiums around! Ok I suppose I’m exaggerating just a little, but still why not go and watch a Brighton & Hove Albion football match? They play a decent level of football, the American Express community stadium is impressive and tickets are available for almost every home match. A no brainer, especially if you’re into your football.

Brighton Racecourse

There’s nothing like having a cheeky flutter on the horse racing whilst enjoying some cheeky alcoholic beverages. Especially if the weather is nice then you are really laughing. The race season here runs from late April till Mid October, the prime dates for stag weekends! Set high on the Sussex downs with stunning views (not to mention the ladies that will be in attendance) the racecourse is only 5 minutes away from the city centre allowing you to stagger your way there afterwards if you choose to do so to continue the party.

Brighton Bubble Football

Believe me I’ve played this (ready my previous blog for a full review) and I recommend this strongly for a daytime activity! You get to play football in a massive inflatable ball and act like big kids again (or continue to act like big kids should I say) whilst literally laughing the whole time! Plus you would’ve worked so hard during the activity and burnt that many calories, you have the perfect excuse to drink as much as you want afterwards!

Brighton Go Ape

This is another great example of a daytime activity in which you will have a loads of laughs with the boys. Act like big kids and work so hard that you have another great excuse to enjoy a shed load of beers after as you slide through zip wires and swing around a numerous amount of challenging yet fun obstacles. This is great chance for the lads who are rubbish at drinking on a night out and are getting slaughtered by the rest of the group, as they can just brag about their Tarzan like skills earlier in the day whilst there heading back to the hotel as early as 10pm (there will always be at least one in the group)

Brighton Go Karting

What better way to stand out in the stag group than by becoming the person Lewis Hamilton could only dream of being. The perfect activity for stags! Race around in Karts, being at your most competitive in your quest to be top dog whilst having the fear factor looming around if you come last as you know you will be given one hell of a forfeit by the group.


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