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Unique Stag Do Accommodation


Something that’s becoming a bit of a trend is finding unique styles of accommodation to stay in whilst on your stag do or party weekend. Here at Gents Events, we’ve found some of the best places to stay - experiences in themselves! These cool finds would make any party weekend!


Why not stay in a home away from home? City centre based apartments are a great place to be based. Kitted out with all your essentials, simply bring your own eats and beers - a great way to keep your whole group together!

Party House

Aint no party like a stag house party – stay in one of the many awesome party houses spread across the UK! The way this works is you and the lads have a snazzy house kitted out with everything you need for the best of parties. There are even ones with swimming pools, fully kitted out bars and games room. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a party weekend with the lads.


From barges to yachts staying on a boat is definitely a unique experience. Scattered across the UK there are loads of super unique floating venues that have been kitted out for your getaway. If it’s a barge you’re looking for you can pick your location and even cruise down the canal to another location! Or how about a top of the range luxury yacht – equipped with everything you need for a truly VIP experience.

VW Camper Van

Go old school and rent a VW camper van for the weekend! If there is a large group of you rent a few and set up camp with a few beers around the campfire. Traditional camping presents many a problem – from the cold to beyond boiling point temperatures and lack of room in your tent often puts a downer on things, so this retro style comfort really is the way forward! 

Tree House

Way beyond the bog standard tree house you used to build at the bottom of your garden, these amazing tree houses offer a really unique experience. Great party hubs in the depths of some of the UK’s most stunning forests - a super cool boyish way to spend your party weekend.


Keeping in line with the earthy camping vibes, Tipis! That’s right those proper triangle looking tents. This has to be by far one of the coolest thing we came across! Anything from a basic bed and light to a king-size bed lounge and kitchen can be housed in these - they really are legendary!

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