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Grooms wedding speech – Our Top 10 Tips

Thankfully all eyes will be on your stunning bride and all ears will be waiting for that infamous best man’s speech. However, you will still have everyone’s attention the short while you’re in the lime-light – so you want to get your speech just right. Get everything in that’s expected as well as a few surprises! Set your sights on having an effect on every individual – aim to make them laugh, cheer or cry. Traditionally, the groom’s speech comes after the father of the bride’s and before your best man’s. With these starting points in mind we have put together our top ten tips for creating the perfect grooms speech…

  • Don’t go on for much longer than ten minutes – that way you will be holding everyone’s focus for the whole of your speech. We’ve all been there, and you must admit a lot of the speech time is spent up gazing out the window, checking out the bridesmaids or eyeing up your next glass of champers! 
  • Talking of fizz, (at risk of sounding like your mother – or even your new bride!) remember to drink plenty of water beforehand and have a glass in front of you for those dry-mouth moments. You can swap it for something stronger afterwards, when your best man gets up. Trust me, you’ll need it! 
  • Don’t make the common mistake of just reading from a written article – it will make you sound like a drone. Unless of course, this sort of thing comes natural to you – but I’m guessing you wouldn’t be reading this if it did! Write cues on small pieces of card and have them ready (in order!) to take you through the speech naturally. Plus, it will make you feel like a TV presenter, which is always fun. 
  • Sounds obvious, but speak up! Get a microphone if possible – but be sure to check technicalities before kicking off. So you’ve wrote a spot on line? You’ll not want anyone to miss it! 
  • Thanking your in-laws is a must. Proceeding the father of bride, say how great his speech was and what an act to follow. Thank both her parents; complimenting your new mother in law on her appearance. Congratulate them on bringing up their daughter so well – and for welcoming you into their family. 
  • Don’t forget your own parents! Thank them for being such great role models and raising you with all their kindness and support. (If you have brothers and sisters, mention them here too) 
  • Toast to the bridesmaids – of course telling them how lovely they look and for their continued help and friendship towards your blushing bride and the wedding preparations. Then your groomsmen, thank them for their ongoing support and organisation (at your own risk mention the stag do, and how you’ll have ‘memories to treasure!’) 
  • You’ll also want to get any special thank you’s in here. Someone help you to get discount on the venue? A family friend taking the photographs? Be sure to show your appreciation (you may need to get this list stealthily from your bride beforehand, so not to miss anyone off) 
  • Now for your best man – your best mate of many years, your right hand man and partner in crime – the latter is key. Remember just how much he knows about you and the ammunition her has! Make a joke as a fore-warning before his big speech, but get a little bromantic about things – tell him just how much you love him! 

And for the most important section, all about your gorgeous new wife. Start off your speech with ‘on behalf of my wife and I’ – this will always get a good reaction! Here, talk about when you first met, your attractive qualities and thank her for putting up with you. Speak from the heart, but don’t sound like a 90’s boyband ballad!

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