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Gift Ideas for the Bride from the Groom

Be spontaneous and romantic on your big day by presenting your wife to be with a sentimental, personal gift that will earn you some extra brownie points and show her how much she really means to you. Okay so the gift doesn’t have to cost the earth but should really come from the heart, we aren’t talking about practicality either, so buying her the latest iron or kitchenware may not put you in the best of books. Remember to make her laugh, cry, tears of joy; if she has to redo her wedding make-up you’ve done a good job!

You could push the boat out and write an additional love letter, poem or even a song for your wife to be along with a bouquet of her favorite flowers on your special day to really emphasize how much she means to you. The following ideas are our top wedding gifts ideas for her which think would be the perfect wedding mementos for your wife to be. 


She may have been hinting to you a particular pair of ear rings which would not only go with her wedding dress but her entire wardrobe! You can engrave a piece of jewellery with your wedding dates, initials or a message, or even go down the locket route which you can put a photo inside. This is thoughtful and can be something she will always treasure and even hand down to your children. 


Usually an antique piece of jewellery that has been passed down generations of the family, perhaps your great grandmothers pearls, great aunts brooch or a piece of jewellery that has been passed down the family for years which you undoubtedly cherish, but can pass down to your wife and even your children one day. Just remember guys only pass it down if it’s an attractive heirloom. 


If you’re not wanting to go down the traditional gift route why not try some more personalized gift ideas like keepsakes that she can treasure and will always remind her of your big day. Why not get a photo frame with one of your most treasured photographs or a series of photos from when you first met. Get the photo frame engraved for some more personal touches. You can personalize a bottle of champagne and open it on your wedding anniversary or make a personal playlist with all of your favorite songs and even personalize the CD cover. 

Other Gifts

If you want to give her a more subtle gift that you know she wants but has no sentimental value why not give her a bottle of expensive perfume that you know she wants. Or why not even book a short break away for the two of you which will not only give you a something to look forward to but give you guys another chance to enjoy being newlyweds. 

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