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Weighing up your Stag Weekend In York


So, you’re weighing up your options for the best place to take you and your mates, on your last weekend of freedom. Well weigh no more, as York has pretty much everything that you are looking for.

Take one ancient city steeped in Roman, Viking and Medieval history. Add a range of awesome manly activities, and top it off with vibrant nightlife and downright good craic. That, my friend, is the making of a great stag weekend. All you have to do is pick a fun activity (simple) and let our trained staff do the rest for you.

If however, selecting an activity isn’t so easy (because let’s face it, there is just too much great stuff to choose from) then maybe my top picks can assist in your time of need. 

Bubble Football

Bubble football is one of our newest activities, and possibly one of the wackiest. Imagine having a game of football with the lads, but you’re all wearing an inflatable bubble, or body zorb. (Yes, you heard me right.) You can bounce, roll, or even do a sly tackle on the opposition, without pulling or breaking something. Contact is 100% encouraged for added fun. You can also play the game however you want, be it a tournament for larger groups or 5-a-side style, all played on a FIFA approved indoor pitch. No doubt the competitive guys among you will still have your game faces on, but it will be pretty hard to take this game of footie seriously, and we wouldn’t want you to.

Sniper Shooting and Crossbow Experience

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a GI Joe, or you’re a Walking Dead fan and want to get to grips with the kind of artillery you’d be handling during a zombie apocalypse, then we’ve got it covered. Test your skills in a purpose-built sniper range, using rifles and pistols with bipods and high powered telescopic sights so you make sure you hit that target. For the Crossbow experience, you can get your hands on a 40lb bow, for some seriously accurate target practise. Your highly skilled instructor will show you the ropes, yet before you reach zombie killing level, you will test your new found skill by shooting an apple off a head. Don’t worry though; this isn’t a forfeit for the stag. You can also combine these activities together as part of the GI Adventure Combo stag. Select 3 activities, and make a day of your commando adventure.

Pizza Making

Why not have a go at making your dinner yourself, with the Pizza Making activity. This isn’t just a case of making your favourite pizza with all the best ingredients; this is a competitive battle, rewarded by stuffing your face with the fruits of your labour. You will kick the competition off with a glass of Prosecco, to get those creative juices flowing. You and your guests will have a private area, where you will learn to toss the pizza bases, with the ‘best tosser’ receiving accolade from the party host. You will compete in head to head clashes, with games such as the calzone challenge, and when all the games are over and the pizza oven is hot, you can sit back, relax with a beverage, and enjoy a feast of your homemade pizzas, along with dough balls, garlic bread and other tasty intro’s.

If all that doesn’t have you ready and raring for an evening on the tiles, I do not know what will. With York also being one of Europe’s largest pedestrian zones, it will not take you long to get the first round in. So for more attraction per square mile than any other UK destination, a Stag Weekend in York is the only way to go.

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