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“Reet good time” in Newcastle


Newcastle does maintain quite a reputation for itself, with the likes of its spectacular architecture, thriving culture, sensational nightlife and notorious glam style thanks to the TV show ‘Geordie Shore’ are just a few to exemplify why. “Wey aye man, you’re going to have a reet good time about the toon” which is translated to “yes, you’re going to have a really good time in town” in Geordie dialect, but we totally agree, a Newcastle Stag Do is a must!.

The city has undergone a huge transformation from a city which hugely relied on the steel and coal industry to a culturally urbane, hipster city with elegantly modern architecture, dotted with numerous quirky restaurants and bars; all within walking distance from one another! At Gents Events we are here to ensure you have the best of times on your stag do, and we do know for those wanting a wild weekend to remember that ‘Geordie land’ is one of the ultimate Stag do hotspots. So here at Gents Events we have narrowed it down to our top three stag do activities:

Trio Activity:

The ideal adventurous day for lively, energetic stags, filled with head to head action packed activities including 4X4 driving, quad biking, clay target shooting, paintballing and archery. The activity runs throughout the day and includes an After Dark activity for the evening, so you lads can go back to the hotel room freshen up and see what Newcastle’s infamous nightlife has to offer.

Stag Vs. Food:

Let’s face it guys we all love a good feed. So here at Gents Events we have decided to put your money where your mouth is and introduced Stag Vs Food as one of our latest activities. Included in this extravagant activity is not only a mammoth meal in which you take part in the colossal challenge and are expected to clean your plate against the clock. Either challenge the stag or compete against each other in the food eating challenge that will have you stuffing your face and adjusting your belt.

Comedy Show:

Enjoy some hilarious gags in a lively atmosphere with our Comedy Show Stag do. An evening filled with witty, humorous, light-minded laughs that will have you fellas rolling on the floor laughing with some beverages in hand. After all stag do’s are all about having fun so kick back and enjoy some comical delights. 

No matter what you decide to do, Newcastle is the city of culture and is full of places to see and things to do; if you really want to see some more of Newcastle why not check step back into the 1930’s and check out Tyneside cinema which only shows cult films and classics or if you fancy some live music head to the Cluny Live music venue, an intimate environment, hosting up-and-coming acts with a few beverages along the way. For a more elegant, classy evening why not head to the casino and test your poker skills and perhaps become a high roller.

Whatever the weather Newcastle is party central, the only question is lads, can you brave the cold like the Geordie’s do and party with just your beer jacket on in minus degrees? Let us know how you’re Newcastle Stag Do goes and enjoy a weekend to remember.

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