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Kick start your 2015 with our Top 5 fitness tips!


It’s screaming on the top of January to do list - get fit!!! You’re not alone, with approximately 24% of British men making it their new year’s resolution to lose weight and an additional 19% of the population aim to improve their health and fitness. The sad fact is, by the end of the month these most of these pledges will be nothing but a distant memory. We say to make this year the year of change and kick start your 2015 with our top 5 fitness tips!


High intensity interval training (HIIT) is essentially short burst of high energy activity followed by periods of low intensity activity or even rest. If you’re taking up running this January try out one minute of fast running followed by two minutes walking and so on. Benefits include losing weight quicker and increasing your overall metabolism.

Walk the dog

Come on, admit it. Poor pooch has gone without many a time when you simply ‘cannot be bothered tonight’. It is said people with a canine sidekick are 77% more likely to stick to regular exercise. So grab Max’s lead and go for short walk or run every day – you’ll be surprised how good you will feel!

Join a club

With sporting clubs and groups starting out all over the place in January, it shouldn’t be too hard to find one you wouldn’t mind giving a bash. Does your work place have a sports team? Or do some guys from your department go for a kick around every Wednesday after work? Join them! It’ll do wonders for your social life too.

Blast out some tunes

Research by Brunel University says that’s listening to music can increase your endurance by up to 15%, effectively increasing your overall work out time and weight loss. Not only that, but your favourite upbeat tunes can aid timing and rhythm and as act as a distraction to the burn!

Get competitive

Being testosterone filled males, nothing acts as more of a motivation boost than the absolute NEED to beat the opposition. Without even realising you are bound to push yourself further if training with someone – to avoid the possible outcome of looking weaker than your buddy. Dented pride and accompanying banter is just not worth it. So get out there with a mate, or use an app and compare times and distances! 

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