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Stag Do Ideas – Operation T-shirt


So you’re organising your mate’s last fling before the ring, and all manners of stag do ideas have practically pitched up a tent for a long old holiday in your head. Following closely behind is the perfect activity and location, then comes those all important, knee slapping-ly funny t-shirts. We’re here to give you a helping hand with some stagtastic t-shirt inspiration! 

Bride Bashing Blokes – 

Obviously not meant in the literal ‘wife beating’ sense (although I’m sure after a few pints of Stella it won’t all be praises and compliments for the bride to be). I’m talking those slogans which see the single men of the group sniggering and laughing at the grooms total ‘misfortune’ of bagging himself a looker for life!

Film-inspired Fellows – 

Male bonding classics such as Top Gun and Reservoir Dogs always go down well, t-shirts inspired by these top titles are sure to have you feeling like true team of navy pilots or real life gangsters in no time! There have also been some banter filled blockbusters relating to stag do’s and typical lads nights out over the past decade. The Hangover and The Inbetweeners sprout countless hilarious t-shirt ideas!

Game Guys – 

One great gag is to turn the stags t-shirts into a physical checklist. A list of daft dares or childish challenges, accompanied by tick boxes that can be marked off with a sharpie! (Then you can use that to draw a moustache and write profanities of the groom to be’s head later on!) Alternatively, we love those ‘Ask me about…’ t-shirts that are everywhere at the moment…

Logo Lads – 

Let’s face it, all stag dos want to be noticed on their big night out and well known logos with a twist are sure to get heads turning and people talking. Other blokes will be inspired, maybe even shake your hand, whilst girls will stroke the chests of those with such a heroic play on words! Beer labels, movies and TV shows will get the most attention, just keep it cool, strictly no kids programmes or sissy stuff.

Keep an eye on our ever updating blog for more stag do ideas, hints, tips and advice!

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