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Adventure Stag Weekends in Bournemouth

Len Goodman would say ‘Seven!’ as Bournemouth sports 7 miles of golden sandy beach, and plays out 7.7 hours of sunshine per day. We, personally would certainly give a massive ‘Ten!’ for stag weekends in Bournemouth. Some say it is the ‘Ibiza of the south coast’ – this might be a little exaggerative but its shows a lot of fun can be had here, enough to rival any foreign holiday destination. So head down and eat one of the 2,000 ice creams served there each day, and sup in one of its many drinking establishments – it’s said there are more per square metre than our capital!

Bournemouth becomes one of our most popular destinations for stag weekends during the summer months. This makes sense, with its glorious sands and traditional sea-side feel – but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s all bathing bloomers and ‘kiss me quick hats’ (although that’s an awesome fancy dress idea right there!). Bournemouth has a wealth of daytime adventure activities – perfect to entertain you testosterone driven boys on a stag weekend! 


Go Karting has to be the classic boys get together activity. A splendid idea to take everyone back to their teenage years, whizzing around a track trying to get the best lap time! Bournemouth can deliver this both outdoors and indoors (just in case the British weather lets you down). Driving tracks for boys not your thing? Maybe get into the next gear and consider 125cc quads bikes. Fourteen circuits cover twenty miles, plenty of distance to make for some interesting leader board statistics! If you’re not one for following a route or sticking to the main path – off road buggies will be more to you taste. Going up to forty miles an hour, covering up to seven laps, you boys will be in your stag driving element! 


A stag do is the perfect opportunity to get the lads together and do something you don’t do every day – shoot! In a time long ago when fair maidens with long golden locks sat in windows sills, oh and it wasn’t so illegal to shoot people! Archery was an essential skill for any budding knight. Now, the tradition can be experienced in a safe but equally competitive environment. Further down the time line, man was more likely to be found shooting his dinner rather than his annoying neighbour. Although dinner isn’t guaranteed, you can still try your hand at clay pigeon shooting. Let’s stop harping on about history, perhaps you can just enjoy a round of paintball! Where the competition carries on afterwards – get ready to show off those war wounds! 


Stag do’s are all about stripping back to those basic instincts, so why not embrace your inner primate and swing from tree’s like apes! This Go Ape tree top adventure gets the adrenalin pumping, a guaranteed day of exhilaration. Preferring a more militant style then try an assault course stag do. With forty challenging obstacles, including ropes, beams and scramble nets – you’ll be feeling all soldier afterwards!

If all this isn’t enough to get you to have your stag weekend in Bournemouth, here’s a fun fact for you. Amanda Holden once rode around on a motorbike, naked for a £20 bet. Rumour has it she shouted “say no to crack!” to a security guard! Perhaps the girls make a habit of it down there!?

For more information regarding a stag weekend in Bournemouth call our dedicated party planner Mike H on 01159 644212. 

Author: Jacqueline Smith

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