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Games to Get Your Stag Do Started!


It’s nearly here, your best mates last weekend as a free man before the big day. A time for celebration and a big lads weekend away! Here at Gents Events we have plenty of stag do ideas that will keep you and the lads entertained. Here are some of our favourite games that are bound to get your all in the party mood.

A firm favourite are the International Drinking Rules! Names are a no go, you will have to think of new ways of catching you pals attention; but no pointing (this is not allowed), otherwise you will have to consume your ‘beverage’ (don’t ever say ‘drink’). If your friends are nice that may only give you one ‘digit’ (not allowed to say ‘finger’), they might ask you to ‘consume’ (drink) ‘a couple’ (don’t ever say ‘two’)! All you f’ers and blinders watch out, International Drinking Rules also state no swearing, but before you falsely accuse someone… think again! If you falsely accuse someone then you will have to consume your entire beverage! 

With these rules in mind, here are a few more incredible games that are bound to have you all laughing in no time.

Synchronised Watches

Sync those watches gentlemen! For the first 30 minutes of every hour you must hold your beverage in your left hand, for the last 30 minutes you must hold your beverage in your right hand. If you notice a fellow member out of sync, chink their glass and they will have to consume.

Boat Race

The good old boat race is the perfect game to get everybody warmed up. Line up in teams and start the countdown. On go, the first person must sink their beverage and place the empty glass upside down on their head. This will signal the next person in line to start. The team that finishes their pints the quickest wins!

‘Tell Em!’

If you think that girl has the legs of a goddess or the face of Sylvester Stallone, think before you speak! Whatever the situation, whether you are talking about the taxi driver, the bouncer or the pack of Where’s Wally girls stood at the bar, if you mention anything about anyone, one of the group are entitled to shout ‘tell em’, and you will either have to tell em or sink your beverage!


Grab yourselves an empty pint glass and a coin. Go around the group in turn passing the glass from person to person. The first person will pour a smidge of their beverage into the glass and shout heads or tails. Flip the coin and if you’re lucky and guess right, you will pass the glass along the line as fresh as a daisy. Get it wrong and you will have to consume the lot!

Soldiers / Shark Attack / Gecko / you choose your variation

If you have no shame and don’t get embarrassed easy, then these are the games for you. They are all very similar and I am sure you will have plenty of your own variations that we would love to hear about! In each variation, the last one to get into position will have to consume.

Soldiers – Everyone is given a toy soldier, like the ones out of Toy Story, to take on the night out. When you hear someone shout “INCOMING”, everyone must mimic the position of their toy soldier!

Shark Attack – Think Jaws… you need to get out of that water as quickly as you can. This means feet off the ground folks! When you hear ‘Shark Attack’ you need to leap onto the nearest piece of furniture, whether that’s a bin, a plant pot, a chair or sacrifice your friend and jump on his shoulders.

Gecko - Think of those old toy insects that could walk down windows because of their sticky feet. Upon hearing ‘Gecko’, everyone must run and stick themselves to a wall as quickly as possible!


Everyone is armed with one ‘Woosh’ each. If at any point you hear one of your group shout ‘Woosh’, you must down your beverage as quickly as you can. It sounds simple, but if you have a large group of 20+, then that’s 20+ beverages that you will have to down.

Back Fire

This is a game that only the organiser can sort. He must ask the entire group to think of truths and dares for the Groom before the weekend starts. Little do they know that it won’t be the stag that has to do their own gruesome truth or dares, it will be backfired onto them!


Popular whilst watching football, 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes.

Never Have I Ever

A popular game that is bound to bring out the dark horses from the group. Everyone takes it in turns to start the game with ‘never have I ever (slept on a park bench)’. Anyone in the group who has (slept on a park bench), will have to consume. You can be as creative as you like with these questions, it will only be a matter of time before the stories start rolling out!

Ibble Dibble

For this tongue twister you will need a cork that has been blackened at the end by a lighter and a full drink! Everyone around the circle will be given a number, eg. 1-7 if there are 7 players, then the first player will start with:

“This is Ibble Dibble Number (1), with no Dibbles, calling Ibble Dibble Number (4), with no dibbles”

First you must introduce yourself and state how many dibbles you have. A dibble refers to the number of black smudges you have on your face from the cork. So if player number 1 messed up by referred to the wrong Ibble Dibble, they would have to add one dibble to their face and say:

“This is Ibble Dibble number 1, with 1 dibble, calling Ibble Dibble number 3, with no dibbles”

The game then carries on from there and gets messier and messier!

These are just a few of our favourite games. If you have any of your own, we would love to hear them! Please share them with us by posting them on our Facebook wall. If you’re looking for Stag Do ideas and inspiration, or would like some information about the packages we have to offer, then please check out our website ( or call the team today on 0115 941 5282.

Author: Kat Towler

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