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The Trials and Tribulations of Liverpool in Football Season


Football unites us just as much as it divides us. In our office alone we boast two Liverpool fans, two United fans (Manchester, who else?) and a lonely Chelsea supporter. With no one to back him up, he bleats on about Torres coming good or the unsung hero that is Jon Obi Mikel. Football’s a global business now and you’re bound to have a mixture of shirts amongst your stag party. So I want to take a look at the trials and tribulations of organising a Stag Do in the epic setting that is Liverpool.

Your Stag Do will ‘be a doddle’ you think to yourself as you check your calendar and nonchalantly sip your beer. Being a best man has never been so easy. It’s a month away, bags of time for your weekend to glue seamlessly together leaving behind broken men and memories so valuable you’ll be wary of inception. That is genuinely the position I found myself in back in early February last year.

“About 30 of us, give or take”, ‘not a problem’ I nodded as I pretended to jot things down. “Liverpool, nothing flashy, first weekend in March, maybe a pub crawl.”     

I was laughing. I threw the notepad to the ground, slapped a Pot Noodle in the microwave and ruffled my hair to give myself an even more laid back complexion. Easy Street. This would be the best Liverpool Stag Do…EVER. And best of all, it would be a doddle to sort. Cheap hotel, bite to eat then out on the lash with all the boys, job done.

A year on and I now spend my days solving such dilemmas for a living. Liverpool, as well as Manchester, is a city that is hugely affected by football. Match weekends see hotels book up months in advance and prices rise considerably the nearer to the date you get.


That’s not to say you should write off your Liverpool Stag Weekend and settle for a quaint beach break in Cardiff. No way, you shall go to the ball! Let’s take a look at some simple things to consider and you’ll be well on your way to the perfect Stag Do!

  • BOOK EARLY! – Here at Gents Events we pride ourselves on allowing you to book on your biggest estimate group size. This means you can cater for all the Alan’s and Dave’s who are umming and arring about coming are along. We simply secure the rooms on your maximum numbers and you can take off the rooms you don’t need up to 6 weeks before your party date – AND we don’t charge you to do this!
  • BE REALISTIC! – If you’re looking at booking your Stag Do for the Merseyside derby, you’re going to be struggling. When deciding a date, keep details like this in mind, it’ll keep the price down and ensure you get your ideal location.
  • DON’T BE PUT OFF BY IT! – What better place than Liverpool on match weekend. The atmosphere is amazing, bars packed and the city is truly at its best. It’s worth planning early to make the most of the city for your Groom’s big send off!

My lack of forethought saw us heading to Leeds for that particular Stag Weekend (still an awesome time) but my Groom had his heart set on a Liverpool Stag Do and I would have loved to have been able to offer him this.

So keep this in mind my football loving comrades and you shall be heading north (or south depending on where you’re setting off from) for the Liverpool Stag weekend of a lifetime!

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Author: Mike Hendey 

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