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The ultimate stag do checklist


Like a typical guy, I am fantastic at forgetting things.  Annoyingly, I always find out too late, especially when I get home or go somewhere, unpack and realise I’ve left something behind.  Last year I booked a Stag Do with Gents Events for one of my friend’s stag parties.  Thankfully the Party Planners and Party Organisers did the hard part (booking and organising it all) but there was things which I needed to sort out before we went e.g. looking through hundreds of stag do packages.  Based on my experience, I want to now give the best men out there a bit of a hand and plain and simple, write the ultimate stag do planning checklist, so you can either print this, bookmark it, share it, screenshot it…or do whatever you wish with it to make sure you have something to reference when it comes to booking a stag do.

1. Give yourself plenty of time

The more time the better, as sometimes booking last minute can result in high accommodation costs and if it falls on a football match weekend, finding accommodation can be a tricky task.

2. Decide on who to invite

Remember to only invite people who your stag knows and gets on with well.  Don’t invite anyone who he isn’t too fond of.

3. Communicate to everyone at the same time

Don’t give yourself a hard task – when you are asking people if they want to come, use one way to ask them e.g. Whatsapp is great for this and is available on iPhone’s and Android phones (which most of us have). Simply download the app, set up a group, add the people who you want to attend, ask them the question and if they can’t make it, then can simply leave the group. Then you can continue communicating to your group in one place.  If not, try creating a Facebook group (closed so no one invites themselves)

4. Decide on a location and date

If you’re all travelling from different areas of the country, try and choose a location which is in the middle, to make it easy for everyone to get to

5. Decide on a budget

This will be influenced by what you want to do so bear in mind, if you are planning on doing loads of activities and planning a big night, the price of your stag do could potentially be high.  However, don’t let this sway your decision when choosing accommodation if you are thinking of a low budget as more than often, Gents Events have some unbelievable special offers on Gold and Silver Hotels.   

6. Plan in an ice breaker

There are going to be a few guys who don’t know each other so the best thing to do is plan in an activity which will help.  Go Karting and Paintball is great for this, as if you have a big group of stags, you will be split up into teams so naturally, you will get to know some of your fellow stags!  Failing that, go for the old classic and kick start the stag with some drinking games.

7. Enquire and get the ball rolling

Once you and the lads have decided what you want to do, send in an enquiry so that the Party Planners and Organisers at Gents Events can then work their magic and get you booked in for the best possible price.

8. Once its booked

Keep your Whatsapp group (or Facebook) open, as once it’s all booked up, you’re dedicated Party Organiser will keep you updated on when payments are due and will send you your booking itinerary which holds all of the information for your party – don’t lose this!

9. Payment details

You will receive a username and password so that you can all pay easily, as little or as much as you like via the Gents Events payment tracker. Make sure you share the username and password with your group so they can all login and pay, as little or as much as they can – You all have until 6 weeks before the party date to clear the balance.

10. Transport

If you are thinking about taking the train to the stag city destination, book as early as you can. Prices can rocket up if you book last minute.  Use sites like

11. Packing your case

Don’t forget to pack the following things:

  • Booking itinerary and Bar Guide
  • Mobile phone and charger
  • Wallet, bank cards & I.D
  • Tooth brush, deodorant & aftershave
  • Disco shirt and shoes
  • Paracetamol
  • Surprise fancy dress outfit for the stag
  • Dares

You might read the above things for your case and think ‘there is no chance I will forget that!’ but trust me, it’s more than likely something will be forgotten!

Keep referring to this and hopefully all will go smooth.  Thankfully your Party Organiser will do the hard part, so you just need to remember the points above!  Any problems, issues or questions about booking a stag do, get in touch with our team on 0115 941 5282 or email

Author: Sunny Matharu

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