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Stag Do Ideas for 2014!


We’d like to share some StagStuff insight on the hottest stag do ideas for 2014! You’ll be happy to learn that with a new year comes a few new staggering surprises, but you’ll be even happier to learn that we have kept the classics – ‘cause if it ‘aint broken, we ‘aint gonna fix it!

Stags, best-men, friends of the groom, and those of you who are just curious, here is what Gents Events can do for you this year…

Horrifically Good Fun

Fresh in for 2014 our new years resolution was to bring you even more great stag do packages, and with our Zombie and Werewolf experiences we have done just that! If you or the groom are horror fans, adrenaline junkies, or just fancy something different, what could be better than embarking on one of our convincing action-packed events with you and your stag troops!

On Your Marks, Get Set, Go Have Fun!

Go karting is perfect for stag parties, it’s the perfect blend of petrol, adrenaline, and competiveness! Most of our major cities offer the facilities to start racing hell for leather, and you may even get the choice of whether to race indoors or outdoors. Don your jumpsuits and go all Mario kart with you and your mates – you could even offer a prize for the winner, or better yet, a forfeit for the loser!

It’s Like Watching Paint Fly

Racing around in go karts is pretty boyish, but dressing in camouflage, eye goggles, and shooting people with small paint balls is manlier still! Paintballing on a stag party is not a cliché, it’s an absolute classic. It’s a classic because you get to run around like children in a school yard, dress up like a combat solider, legally carry a gun, and most importantly inflict a little bit of pain on one another – throw in a couple of topless models and we may have just discovered heaven!

These are of course just a small handful of the multitude of activities, events, and experiences that Gents Events can offer you and your men. Think about what your lads would enjoy, and start planning the best stag party imaginable!

This blog was written by Luke Mulligan of stag party accessory specialists, StagStuff - 

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