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Best ways To Keep in Contact with your Stag Group


There’s nothing better than getting everybody from all walks of your life together for one night to celebrate your forthcoming wedding. The only issue is, it can be a logistical nightmare to arrange payment dates (although that stress will be taken away by your Gents Events Party Planner, you just need to relay the information to your group) and just generally keeping everybody in the loop, as it could quickly become the Stag Do’s version of Chinese Whispers.  Luckily though, with the glorious advances in modern technology, this doesn’t have to be the headache it was just a few short years ago. I have compiled a list of useful ways of you making sure everybody hears everything straight from the horse’s mouth.


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Now since its formation 10 years ago, Facebook is doing a very good job at taking over the world, with that said it is more than likely that every single one of your Stag goers has an active Facebook account, and also more than likely each one of those has a nifty smart phone with the Facebook app installed. This can be a blessing in disguise as you can start a group chat with everybody and they will have it sent straight to their phone almost like a text message. And even if they (or you) haven’t got the app, it’s just a case of going to the Facebook website.


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Very much like Facebook, with Whatsapp you can start a group message with anybody that has the app installed, and the great thing about Whatsapp is that it is on just about every smartphone platform, so it doesn’t matter if you all don’t have the same phone or not. And again it works just like a text message so everybody will get a notification every time somebody posts in the group chat 


If everybody in your group just so happens to have an iPhone, iPod Touch or an IPad, then IMessage is by far the easiest way, you just need everybody’s phone number or Apple ID, and again you can start a group chat with everybody, the only downside to IMessage is the fact that should you have those 2 friends that decide to have a general chat within the group, you can’t opt out as it is basically just a text message, so that can get rather annoying. But if used properly there should be no dramas.

So I have just based these on everybody either owning a Smartphone, or just having general access to the internet, but should you not have any of these at your disposal, all is not lost. You could get everybody together and make plans then everybody simply comes back to you for further information, rather than receiving watered down versions from other people, failing that you could send letters? Or maybe utilise the dying art of carrier pigeons?  Possibly smoke signals? I don’t know! What did people do before the internet!?

The bottom line is though, when considering your Stag Do Ideas, be sure that you can easily stay in touch with the whole group so everybody is fully informed at all times, and thus nobody ends up in York when your Stag do is in Brighton or vice versa.

Author: Matt Crookes

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