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Spread your payments with a payment tracker


I myself have been on 2 stag weekends this summer (over May and June 2013) and I was unfortunate and fortunate to have had them back to back on consecutive weekends,  fortunate that it was one party after another, but unfortunate with the bank balance having to cough up for 2 stag weekends in a row.  Both of the stag weekends required payment there and then – this was a pain as there was no option to buy now and pay later – we just had to pay all of the money upfront!  This caused a few members of the group to drop out.  There was no option for split payments or even just to put a deposit down and pay the rest later.  If only all companies adopted the Gents Events payment tracker.  I know it sounds cheesy and biased (as I work for them!) but seriously, I (and the rest of the group) would have relished a payment system like ours.  


On-line Payment tracker

 The Gents Events payment tracker is an interest free payment terminal whereby each member of a stag group has the option to pay as much or as little they can up until the payment deadline date (6 weeks before the stag weekend).  For example, if I booked a stag do for the lads and it was in 5 months’ time, we would all have 4 ½ months to pay for it!  6 weeks before the due date, the final payments have to be made.  If we say an average stag package is £150 for a 2 night stag weekend, that means I could pay £9.38 per week for 16 weeks based on a stag do being 5 months away.  How ridiculously cheap does that sound? 

I’m not a fan of using credit cards and I try to use them as little as possible as when you make a purchase on them, at some point, you are going to have to pay that back.  This debt can then easily creep up on you and before you know it, you owe hundreds on a card.  This is why I like the payment tracker as you can pay straight from your account without hammering it with a big debit transaction! 

The only thing you need to pay upfront is a £50 deposit.  If you are staying in a gold or silver hotel, your group only need to pay £50 between you all for a deposit, and if you are staying in bronze accommodation, you and your group need to pay an initial £50 deposit and then within 3 weeks, all group members need to have paid their individual £50 deposits.  Not bad at all hey?


Accessing the payment tracker 

Once your party leader has paid the deposit, they will receive a username and password via email.  All they have to do is then pass this onto all of the group members.  Then, simply go to, type the username and password in and away you go!  Just remember the final payment deadline and then pop in and put money into the payment tracker as and when you please.  Make sure it’s all paid for before the deadline! 

Easy stuff isn’t it?  And it doesn’t wreck you bank balance either.  Well I hope this has given you some insight into our payment tracker, and of course before you make a payment, you and the lads need to have some idea of where to go.  For that my friends, head on over and look at our stag do ideas page for a wide range of activities!



Author: Sunny Matharu

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