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How to Keep Everybody Happy on your Stag Do


Whether you’re the Best man or the Stag, one thing that is going to plague you is making sure everybody is happy. Obviously you are all there in celebration of the Stag and his upcoming Wedding, and because of this there are going to be people there from various parts of his life, a mix of his friends, work colleagues and maybe a bit of his family. So with the mix of people it could be quite hard to pick certain Stag Do Ideas that everybody wants to do. There are a few solutions to this, and I have listed them below.

  1. If you are having trouble picking your activities, try and find a way to get everybody together, maybe all meet for a pint so you can discuss what you want to do. This would also be a good way to break the ice for the people that have never met before, and it also saves time on the actual Stag Do if everybody has already met. There will probably be at least one person that can’t make it, but as long as they can have a little input, through a phone call or text message that’s fine. 
  2. If after that you all still can’t decide on 1 activity you all want to do, you could split the group up, I don’t mean forever, but for the younger more able crowd you can all have an adrenaline fuelled activity like Paintballing or Indoor Karting.  And for the people that are less able or unwilling to run around a forest getting shot at, you could book them something a little more relaxed like Clay Pigeon Shooting or a Segway Experience.
  3. After you have sorted all that out, there is the actual night out to tackle. Some people aren’t as fortunate as others, and won’t have as much money to enjoy the night, so good idea for this is to have a drinks kitty. This is where you all put in an equal amount of money and have one trusted person to keep the money and he gets the drinks. That way everybody is spending the same amount, and most importantly no one is missing out on buying a round. Just make sure the guy with the money has somebody to go to the bar with him. For the larger groups it could be a good idea to have a couple of kitties and a couple of people in charge of them as it could get quite confusing.

So they are my top 3 tips for trying to keep everybody happy on your Stag Do, if you have any more questions or need some more tips, I say you should give our Party Planners a call on 0115 941 5282 and they will also take all of the hassle out of booking your Stag Do, you tell them what you want, and our Party Planners will do everything they can to make sure you get the Stag Do you want.

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