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Brighton: A Stag Do By The Sea


Having a Brighton Stag Do would be a decision that you won’t regret, the night life is amazing with hundreds of bars, and a great collection of night clubs. So finding some where to get a pint in Brighton is definitely not an issue, the issue is when you are wondering  around aimlessly around the City because you have no idea what to see and do, and all of your Stag Activities have been booked for the next day! Well fear not, I have found a few things that will keep you entertained until beer o’clock.


Although Brighton Beach is made of pebbles, on a hot day it is still definitely worth a visit, I know it may seem like half of England have made their way to that particular beach, but that doesn’t matter, as long as you get there early and get your spot, then everything is fine, get out the BBQ’s, crack open a beer and soak up the sun

Toy & Model Museum

Did you ever have a train set when you were a kid? Or do you actually still have one? Either way, you have to get down to the Brighton Toy & Model Museum. They have a range of toys dating way back to the 1790’s. So if you like a bit of history with your toys, then this is a perfect place for you to visit.

North Laine

The word Laine shouldn’t be confused with the same sounding word Lane, as Laine is an Anglo Saxon word which was used to describe large fields in the local area. These days though North Laine is one of the best places to go in Brighton. There are over 400 independent Businesses in the area from Shop’s to Bars. It can be found pretty much in the centre of everything and is only a couple of minutes’ walk from the train station. It is a great place to grab a meal before you start filling your stomach with a Stag Do’s amount of beer

Brighton Pier

So the most iconic part of Brighton has to be its Pier. You can’t really turn down the chance to see it if you happen to be in town, in fact it’s kind of hard not to see it. This Pier is slightly different to how you might be imagining a Pier, being as it is a Fun Fair at sea. The Fun Fair is open all year round and there is also a Sports Bar, so again another location for a cheeky daytime pint

So if it is a Stag Do by the Sea that you’re looking for, a Brighton Stag Do should be at the top of your list. If you have any other questions give our Part Planners a call on 0115 941 5282 or go to our Contact Us Page to Enquire


Author: Matt Crookes

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