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The History Behind The Stag Do


The traditional Stag Do as you and I know it, is a Celebration in the grooms honour, although when he is being pranked and forced to drink an obscene amount of alcohol, it may not actually seem like it, but how did all this come about? Where did it all begin? Well there are a few theories of where it all actually started, and I guess from there it has just evolved with time to become what it is today.

One theory is that it stems from the reign of Henry the eighth, as he would command everybody on pain of death to celebrate his upcoming wedding, a bit harsh being as he got married so many times. Obviously that is not the case anymore. In fact it’s normally the Stag that is commanded to attend on pain of death.

The Stag Do can also be traced back further then the times of the Tudor King, way back in fact, back to the times of the ancient Spartans, around the 5th Century BC, (that is around 2500 years ago by the way). The night before the Grooms wedding the men would all sit and have a glorious feast, and drink wine, all in the Grooms honour. Sounds a little more laid back then the full throttled nights of madness we are used to today.

It’s not just us brits that have adopted a version of the Stag Do. Many other cultures across the world have their own versions, like the American Bachelor Party, to be honest it is pretty much the same as we know it be, strippers and lots of beer being the general ingredients.
This kind of Stag Do is slowly taking over the world as we know it, partly helped by films like The Hangover. Some countries still have their own traditions though, like Germany for example. The German tradition is called, Junggesellenabschied (good luck pronouncing that) which again is more or less the normal Stag Do, but traditionally the couple that are getting married have their own celebration the night before the wedding, It’s called Polterabend which means Wedding in English. It involves the couple breaking porcelain to bring luck to their marriage.

So there you have a few facts about the origins of the Stag Do as we know it. If you have any other questions or need some Stag Do Ideas, give our Party Planners a call on 0115 941 5282 or go to our Contact Us Page to Enquire


Author: Matt Crookes

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