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Stag Do Social Media Rules


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even Google + all need a few little 'Guide Lines' whilst on a Stag Do. Like every other Lads night out, contact with the other half is not advised, and will probably be frowned upon by your fellow Stag Do goers, I know that will mainly be done by text, but that's another story. You could just ban all social media activity, but the chances are, there will always be at least one person that will break these rules. So in order to save the disappointment of the group, it would be a good Stag Do Idea to set some guide lines, so when a certain culprit does update his status it’s for a good, relevant reason.


 1.Do not update your own feed.

So as you can see by the 'highly accurate' line chart below, as the alcohol content in your blood increases, the quality of your status’ quickly decreases, but if you would avert  your eyes to the ‘Friends Status’ line, you can also see that the exact opposite can be said if you are updating an unsuspecting victims status.  

So with this hard evidence in place (that I in no way just made up) if you are going to be updating your feed, the rule is that it cannot be your own. 


  2. Pictures/videos can only be uploaded the day after 

No doubt there are going to be some pretty embarrassing pictures of the Stag or even just other members of the group, taken on the night. But they will be laid to waste if you upload them on the night, save them for the next day or even a few days after. So when everybody is just starting to forget (assuming they can remember) these embarrassing moments you upload that picture of the Stag asleep in a puke filled club toilet.


  3. Do not keep the Bride informed

This rule only applies if you have previously agreed that there is no contact with the bride. So assuming this rule is in place then you are going to have to manage it. Now the Stag might be all for not talking to his Bride To Be, but should one of the group unknowingly update his feed with details of the Stag Do, like whereabouts or just general goings on, then she will find out that way. So this is in conjunction with Rule no.1, if you are updating a feed, make sure it is not your own, and be sure not to give away any real details of the Stag Do.


So there you have 3 Social Media Rules that should be fairly easy to abide by. If you have any questions or want some more Stag Do Ideas, then give our party Planners a call on 0115 941 5282 or go to our Contact Us page to enquire


Author: Matt Crookes

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