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Locations to help get that yes!


Everybody knows that it is the guys job to Pop the question to that lucky someone.  So way before you start planning you Stag Do Ideas you need to find the courage to actually ask that lucky girl the all-important question, and that can be a very nerve racking thing to do, the obvious question going through your mind will be “will she say yes?”  Now if you’re actually unsure if she will say yes, maybe hold off until you know for a fact that is what she wants, just to save embarrassment more than anything. 

But anyway back to the point of this article. Women love romance, and there is nothing more romantic then a proposal,  and a romantic location as well as a romantic delivery is going to score you some massive points, let’s take a look

Saint Lucia

The Caribbean Island of Saint Lucia is lined with amazing white sandy beaches, palm trees and outstanding views, along with the amazing colour of the Caribbean Sea. How could she possibly say no when you have a back drop like Saint Lucia. It is also the World’s leading Honeymoon destination, so the place is just full of the lovey dovey type things to do.


Paris is known as one of the most Romantic Cities in the world, and the people of Paris know this. Just take a look at Pont des Arts Bridge. Couples from all over the world write messages on a padlock, then lock it to the bridge and throw the key in to the Seine River below as a symbol of their undying love. This is just one example out of the thousands that Paris has to offer, and being as you can just hop on a train in London that takes you straight to Paris, it’s quite accessible as well.


A ride on a Gondola along any one of the Venetian Canals is definitely one of the most well-known romantic acts out there. This City is one of a kind, with it’s amazing architecture and Canals, it would make for the perfect back drop to any proposal 


Bath?! I hear you say, yes Bath. It is actually nicknamed Romantic Bath, with outstanding architecture and scenery, along with its excellent choice of restaurants and accommodation. This is a perfect location to pop the question without actually leaving the country 


So there you have a few locations across the world that will make for an interesting Proposal story. But there is one location that is going to be special no matter what its architecture looks like, that’s a place that means something to you and your (hopefully soon to be) fiancé, the place you went on your first date, or a holiday location that you both really enjoyed, you know, things like that

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Author: Matt Crookes

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