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A Groomsmen Dance Routine: Is It Cool or Not?

I have a question… is it cool for the Groom and his party to do a dance routine at the wedding?
Personally I don’t think it’s cool, but it does seem to becoming rather popular with our American cousins.  YouTube seems to be full of videos of whole wedding parties getting involved in pre-planned dance routines.  So my second question is, would you organise/get involved in a choreographed wedding Dance routine? To help you answer that question, let me show you a few videos of what I am talking about.

So I don’t know why (if you were to do a dance routine) anybody would choose to use a Justine Bieber song to dance to, but these guys did…

In terms of the actual routine, I think they have done very well, they have put a lot of effort in to that… some people may even say too much effort, but I will let you be the judge of that.

I’m beginning to notice a pattern with the type of songs that are chosen for these routines, let’s see if you can pick up on it…

This next one is probably the best I have seen, and to be honest I think I do actually like it, it is perfectly executed, and the song is pretty good as well, so top points from me on this one. 

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So we have covered the Groomsman and their dance routines, and I have made my judgement on them… but it’s a whole other story when the Bride & Groom surprise there guests with a not so traditional first dance, and that’s exactly what one of the girls in the Gents Events office did at her wedding, take a look.

That’s a great unexpected twist on the traditional first dance. Weddings these days really are moving away from tradition, people are forever looking for new crazy ways to propose & doing dance routines (although I’m not a fan of the groomsmen all doing a dance routine to a Justin Bieber song) amongst other things. These new takes on tradition tend to be more of an American thing, but as you can see from the above video, it is definitely making its way over to England.

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