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What’s The Worst That Could Happen?


Just about every wedding the world over has an enormous amount of thought put in to it, and most of them run like a well-oiled machine. And you have to give respect to the Brides because they pretty much do all of the planning,  well us guys just do as we are told, gather some awesome Stag Do Ideas, and then show up on time to the wedding. Sometimes though, even if the bride is the best organiser in the world, and even if you actually help with the planning, there are just some things that you can’t possibly plan for, things that you would never imagine could happen. 

For example, the best man tripping at a key moment in the wedding…. 

He had 1 Job, and he blew it. Can you imagine being that guy at that moment? I think I would just run, and not stop, Forest Gump Style. That’s not even the worst thing I have come across, in a way that could probably of been avoided, I’m not sure how, maybe a ‘Caution Slippery Surface’ sign or something. But this next one, no one could have possibly seen it coming…

I guess the good thing about this one is that it’s not just the Bride that is now having a bad day, and everybody is going to look wet for the photos. Every cloud has a silver lining, right?

This next video could definitely have been avoided.  I’m really not sure why they thought this would be a good idea, but you know, each to their own and all that.

So proving that no matter how much you plan, there is always something that could possibly go wrong. My advice would probably be to avoid water at all costs. I mean, don’t even go near it, let alone in it. But to be honest, it does provide some amusing videos for the rest of the world to watch. Deep down though we can all feel the pain and heart break of these unlucky wedding goers, can’t we?

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Author: Matt Crookes

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