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The Role of the Best Man


The Best man, it is always an honour to be granted with the responsibilities, and stature that come with being a best man. But the question is, what does the best man actually do? Maybe you have recently found yourself asking this question. And if so the obvious role is, you are now the key source of all the Stag Do Ideas. You are now 100% responsible for organising his last day/night as a free man. But that’s not the only thing that is expected of you. It is a very important role, and not to be taken lightly.

There a few things that you as a Best Man need to be involved with, and to a certain extent that will involve the planning of the actual wedding, be careful though you don’t want to start dictating how to run their wedding, and end up setting off the bride in to a mad frenzy off hate, it’s her wedding. So my first point would be ‘know your place’ you are there to help not take control.

When I say you help plan the wedding, I don’t really mean that literally, it depends on the bride and groom and how much input they actually want from you. But it could be your job to help pick the users, and maybe have an input about what suits to be wearing, that is pretty much where your responsibilities will end with wedding planning

There are a couple of things you will need to be doing during the ceremony. Assuming it is a traditionally wedding, you will be in charge of the rings. This is probably the biggest of all the responsibilities, because if you lose them, damn son, damn… run and hide… run and hide. Not only will those words more than likely be spoken to you by an angry on the edge bride, but that is also my advice. But in the likely event that everything goes swimmingly, you may also be asked to sign the register as a witness.

So you helped choose the Ushers, now you are pretty much in charge of them. The Bride and Groom will be off doing wedding day stuff, so they really don’t need the hassle of making sure the Ushers are doing their job. Make sure you fully explain to the Ushers what they need to be doing, give them maps with directions to the reception, so they can hand them out to everybody at the end of the ceremony. Also give them detailed seating plans of the reception so they don’t have trouble seating everybody.

Now, last but certain not least, it is time for the most nerve raking of all the responsibilities. The speech, this burden is fully expected of every best man that has ever walked this planet. You have got to be funny, but respectable, prepared and confident. The Best Man speech along with the Grooms Speech, are what everyone are expecting. And to be fair, they are going to be kind of routing for you. So unless your speech is really, really bad, and your delivery is just terrible, you will be fine.

So that is briefly what is expected of you as The Best Man. From Stag Do Ideas to Holding the Rings at the ceremony, you have some very important jobs that shouldn’t be over looked, ignored or left until the last minute. If you have some ideas for your Stag Do, give our Party Planners a call on 0115 9415282 or go to our Contact Us Page to enquire.

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