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A Manly List of Manly cocktails


I don’t know about you, but if I were to catch any guy with the likes of ‘The Red Glass of Girlyness’ or Cosmopolitan for short, in his hand, his life would be made a living hell. But the thing is they taste so good, all cocktails do, and the alcohol content is normally enough to knock out a horse. So it would seem us guys have an issue, either we swallow our pride and drink them anyway, or… we hunt out the manliest cocktails available, and collapse into a drunken heap with pride!!  I vote the latter, and if you feel you need some manliness for  your Stag Do Ideas, then I have searched the 4 corners of the internet, and everything in between to get you the recipes for manliest of all cocktails.

Jager Nuke

So no doubt each and every one of you has heard of a Jager Bomb, which that in itself isn’t exactly girly, but the nuke on the other hand, will separate the men from the boys.  Instead of having a shot of Jagermeister in a glass of Energy Drink, you have a shot of Energy Drink in a glass of Jagermeister. Or as a friend of mine once created, get a pint glass filled half way with Jagermeister, then top it up with Energy Drink. Either way, it could be a night ender.

Jagermeister – as much as you like
Redbull – 1 shot

Vodka Martini

I feel this is the manliest of manly cocktails, and it is all thanks to Mr Bond. I mean the guy is a spy, has his way with the ladies and gets to shoot people and blow things up. For me, that is the definition of manly. And being as you can’t go around shooting people and blowing things up, drinking 007’s favourite drink is the next best thing. Just make sure it’s shaken and not stirred.

60ml Vodka
15ml dry vermouth
1 green olive or lemon twist for garnish

Rusty Nail

I’m going to be honest, this is a very close second to the Vodka Martini, there is just something about saying “Rusty Nail” that just screams manliness. When I say it, I just think of that jar of nails that ever bloke has in his shed. You know the one, right? It’s normally in-between a jar of screws and a jar of paint stripper that hasn’t been used in about 5 years. But besides that, this cocktail has all the ingredients you need to knock your socks off in one manly gulp.

60ml scotch whiskey
22ml Drambuie
serve with ice

The Godfather

The hint is the name really. Some people may even say this is the ‘Don’ of manly cocktails. Personally though I haven’t actually tasted it, but I do very much like the sounds of it *note to self, I must taste The Godfather*

50ml Scotch
15ml Amaretto
serve with ice

So there you have a short list of cocktails that will be sure to have all the same coma inducing effects as those girly ones, just without the pride damaging aftermath that comes with them… 

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Author: Matt Crookes

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