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The Thrill Seekers Guide to a Stag Do

The entire point of a Stag Do is to show the Stag what he is going to be missing out on now he is about to tie the preverbal knot. Now (assuming you yourself are not the Stag) it is your Job to make sure his send-off is the best it can possibly be, and how can it get any better than having some blood pumping, adrenaline fuelled thrill seeking Stag Do Ideas that have everything you need included. Well, the short answer is, it can’t. Ok maybe the Stag isn’t the thrill seeker he should be, and his idea was “Maybe we could just go for a drink down the Red Lion? There might be a band on or something?” *SLAP* SNAP OUT OF IT!! We are going to race buggies… Off Road Buggies!

You like...? Yeah you do. So now I have your attention, let’s talk tanks. And I don’t mean the fish holding kind… oh no, I’m talking the big, amour plated, potentially car crushing kind. Yep, you can go Tank Driving. I’m not even saying that you just sit back while some dude that has driven this tank a million times drives you around a track, no! I’m saying that you actually get to drive a fully functioning 15 and a half ton monster of a tank around a purpose built off-road track! But wait, did I just hear you say you can’t handle an animal like that?
Then don’t worry, you can always try Mini Tank Driving these things are in every way as awesome as the real thing, just a hell of a lot smaller, and they will soon have Paintball Guns attached! 

Look Good? Hell yeah they do! But Stop! Don’t go ringing our Party Planners just yet. I still have more Thrill Seeking Stag Do Ideas for you.

Do you see that fast flowing River? Jump in to it… NOW! This is Gorge Scrambling, and you will be jumping off water falls, cliffs and boulders in to the River below, unless you’re scared?  You’re not scared, are you? These guys weren’t…

Now you have my permission to go ring our Party Planners, but I’m not going to give you the number until to end, so you might as well see what else I am going to get over excited about, and I can tell you now, that is going to be Paintballing! You know it makes sense, because there is nothing better than having a day running around a forest, pretending you are the face masked version of Rambo! Well actually, maybe there is, because you could pretend you are the Go-Kart driving version of Lewis Hamilton! By speeding your way around an Indoor Karting or Outdoor Karting track!

So there you have a few Stag Do Ideas that I am pretty sure will raise the old blood pressure, and will really get your adrenaline flowing! If any of the above have really tickled your fancy than be sure to give our Party Planners a call on 0115 941 5282 or go to our Contact Us page to enquire

Author: Matt Crookes 

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