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Stag jokes and traditions


So, you are the Best Man at your friends’ wedding. With all of the responsibility that comes with it. More importantly, it’s your responsibility to plan and organise the stag party! Now you have all the preliminary arrangements sorted, the other big question is, what are you actually going to do to the stag himself?

We are the limo hire experts at Limo-Scene and we are here to tell you about some traditions and ideas we’ve picked up from our stag party customers over the years.

Tormenting the stag is a tradition that’s been going on for many years and it’s expected and even compulsory. We don’t want to advise you to do something which the groom will hate you for…so, instead, we’ll try and avoid the most humiliating pranks, and instead focus on dares, games and traditions.

Stag Dares

Whether you are going for a meal, a bar crawl or out clubbing, it just wouldn’t be a stag party without a few dares and challenges. We’ve put together a few suggestions for you…

1. Persuade ten women to buy you a drink

2. Steal an item of clothing from a woman.

. Sing and dance whilst standing on a chair for a whole song

4. Drink a triple shot

5. Dress the stag up in an embarrassing costume for evening – anything from a penguin outfit to a dress.

6. Convince a girl you used to be a woman.

Stag Games

Another good way of uniting the group is by playing some games – which can be anything from drinking games to hardcore dares. You can play these on the way in a limo hire, or in the bars.

A simple game to help everyone get to know each other is to ask each person to tell a funny, embarrassing story about the Stag, which could make for good material for the best man speech.

Want an idea for a drinking game? Here’s a popular one – Sit in a circle and think of some well-known celebrities or famous people - "To my left..." or "To my right..." followed by the name of the celebrity.

Play is then passed on to the person sat that side of them they then must think of a celebrity name starting with the first letter of the celebrity's surname. Here’s the catch – players must drink while they think...that is, from the start of their turn until they say the name out loud.


It’s not an exaggeration to say that stag weekends will be the most staggering intakes of alcohol to date - so you’d better get some practice in.

Make things easier and hire a limo so you don’t have to have to worry about a designated driver. As well as being more comfortable than a taxi there is a lot more drinking time in a limo.

Hangover cures

You’ll most likely be suffering the following day. We suggest a combination of the following to get you up and ready for the day.

Coke or coffee – The caffeine will get you up.

Water- Drinking plenty of water will rehydrate you.

Toast – Give your stomach something to work on.

Bananas – For sugar and antacids

But, obviously, nothing beats a fry up… 

Thanks to Limo-scene for this guest post.

Images sourced from Flickr and Limo-scene. 

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