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Stag Do Drinking Games


The drinking game, it is the best form of any Stag Do Activity, and you can guarantee that any one of these beasts will result in at least one poor sod pasted out in a pool of 2nd hand alcohol (unless you are responsible of course) There are so many drinking games out there, so I’m just going to condense them down to a few that took my fancy.  I may not have actually tried some of these, but I do like the sound of them. 

Gauntlet – This is a game for 2 players, and it is guaranteed to get you both drunk (unless you go straight through the game first time) You will need a deck of playing cards, and a supply of drinks. Lay out 6 cards, and then ask the player to choose weather ace is high or low. Then starting at your (as the dealer) left, move through the cards asking the player to guess higher or lower with each card. When he has made his guess, lay that card down on top of the card he was guessing.  If he guesses wrong (say if you are on the third card across) he must then take three healthy gulps of his drink. If the card is of the same suit (say he guesses higher on a 5, and a 5 comes out) he must then drink double the amount (if it is the first card, then he will have to have 2 gulps, if it is the second card he will have to have 4 gulps, and so on) continue this until he finally makes his way to the end, correctly guessing each card. 
If you manage to get through the whole deck of cards without winning, then it’s the dealer’s choice, he can either show mercy and end the game, or show no mercy and re-deal the cards, and continue until the player successfully makes his way through the game. When that game ends, the player must then become the dealer and the dealer must then become the player. The game is only over when both people have played.

Ring Of Fire – This is a popular game amongst the student community, but it is a great game that you can fully customise as you please. The thing that is always the same though, is that you need a deck of cards, and an empty pint glass, or jug.  Set the cards up so they are in a circle around the glass, then each player needs to pour a portion of their drink into the glass in the middle. Then you all take turns picking up a card, do not break the ring though, as this results in a drink out of the middle. The card rules are for you to choose, but I will give you some default rules to get you going though.

Ace = One Gulp of your drink

2 = Two Gulps of your Drink

3 = Three Gulps of your drink

4 = Four Gulps of your drink

5 = Nominate someone to drink out of the middle

6 = make your own rule that everybody playing must now follow. (For example no drinking with your right hand.)

7 = Heaven, casually at any time (unless someone else gets this card) put your hand in the air, whoever is last person to put their hand up must drink from the middle

8 = Hell, casually at any time (unless someone else gets this card) put your hand on the floor, whoever is last person to put their hand down must drink from the middle

9 = Toilet card, this is your card to use whenever and as much as you like to go to the toilet, until somebody else gets a 9

10 = everybody has a gulp of their own drink

Jack = I have never. Say something that you have never done. Whoever has done it must drink from the middle. If nobody has done it, you must drink from the middle

Queen = Question Master, whoever answers any of your questions while you have this card, must drink from the middle (this is a very annoying card)

King = pour/drink. You must pour some of your drink into the glass in the middle of the table. Whoever picks up the LAST king must drink whatever remains in the middle glass (best to keep it topped up)

So they should get you nice a tipsy. Now, have you heard of the international drinking rules? These are more for when you are already out, but there is obviously no set rule to that.

  1. 1 inch Rule – if a drink is left on a table within an inch of the edge, the culprit must finish said drink
  2. No right hand! – If anybody is caught holding there drink with their right hand (or left, if they are left handed) the drink must be finished
  3. Ban Key Words– ban words that are likely to be used throughout the night, when somebody uses one of the banned words, they must drink
  4. No Pointing – Whenever anybody points at anything, no matter what it is, that person must finish their drink, no questions asked. The use of elbows, heads and anything else other than a finger is allowed.
  5. No Names – You cannot use anyone’s name, this includes surnames, middles names and longstanding nicknames. Each member of the group must be given a fresh nickname for the night, which is chosen by all other members of the group. Failure to use the new nickname at any point will result in drinking 4 fingers of your drink.

So there you have a few games, and few rules that are sure to make your night a drunken one. As Drinking is the main Stag Do Activity for every Stag Do known to man, you may as well make a game of it. If you haven’t already, and you are interested in any of our Stag Do Packages, give our Party Planners a call on 0115 941 5282 or go to our Contact Us page to enquire.

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Author: Matt Crookes 

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