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Stag Do Birmingham

Birmingham is the UK’s Second largest city, London obviously being the biggest. So with that you would imagine that there is a lot to see and do, and you wouldn’t be wrong to assume that. I am told (I wasn’t really interested) that it is a great city for shopping, with the likes of the Bullring, (which I must admit is a very impressive building), that has a nice mix of shops and restaurants, you could probably spend a whole day in there… if you are female. Anyway, I digressed, the nightlife is something to talk about as well, with awesome Clubs like Gatecrasher, Oceana and many, many more, or the Bar version of a shopping center, ‘The Arcadian’ which is full of all kinds of different bars, you will definitely not be short of watering holes on your Birmingham Stag Do. But forget all that, because this is about things to go see and do, if you are in the city and have a bit of spare time.

Sea life centre

If you fancy going to an Aquarium, then you should definitely pay the sea life centre visit, they have everything from Black Tipped Reef Sharks to Clown Fish, they also have feeding times, so if you happen to be there at the right time, you can get to see some sharks feeding, sounds pretty cool to me. 

Cadburys World

You have seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory haven’t you? Well Cadburys world is kind of like that… just less Umpa-Lumpas, and geese that lay golden eggs… and a boat ride on a Chocolate river… so really it is only really similar in the sense that it’s a Chocolate Factory, but that’s not the point. Maybe it is more of a place to take the Children, rather than a Stag Group but should it take your fancy, the option is there.

Go Ape

To the fun stuff! If you fancy climbing trees, and flying down zip lines, then Go Ape should definitely be paid a visit. It’s like all the stuff you use to do when you were younger, just a little safer, and probably quite a bit higher. Check out our Go Ape Packages for more details.


Paintballing is a firm favourite amongst you Stag Do goers, and just generally the human race as a whole. There is a lot of fun to be while Paintballing, especially if you dress the Stag in bright colours so every can target him… if you like the sounds of that, go check out our Paintballing Packages

No Birmingham Stag Do is complete without some Activities during the day, whether that is going to one of Birmingham’s many Museums, or shooting the hell out of each other in some random forest, Birmingham has it all and you will never be short of things to do. Give our Party Planners on 0115 941 5282 or go to our Contact Us page to enquire, if you like the sounds of a Birmingham Stag Do

Author: Matt Crookes

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