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I Dare You To Dare The Stag With These Dares


“Dude, do you see that girl over there?” “Yeah?” “I dare you to walk up to her and do a chicken dance” That’s right, it’s dare time! Every night reaches a certain stage where it becomes funny to dare people to do stuff, and being as it’s a Stag Do, I guess you will be daring the poor old Stag to do some silly things, and if that is the case then hi, my names Matt and I’m here to provide you with some ammunition of the daring kind to add to your Stag Do Packages.

  1. Do a hard-core tequila slammer (snort salt, drink shot, squeeze lemon into eye)
  2. Stand next to a guy at the urinal, look him up and down and then in a camp voice, comment on his pack.
  3. Steal a girls drink, and down it in front of her
  4. Approach a girl with your finger through your fly, get her full name, and then burp it back to her. keeping your finger in place the whole time
  5. Eat a whole meal without the use of your hands 

What do you reckon? Are they daring enough? Well, no.5 isn’t really a dare but it would be funny to watch, especially if it’s at the end of the night, and is in the form of a kebab, or pizza. I wish the best of luck to the unlucky Stag that has to pull these off.

Along with these dares, here are some Challenges to make the Stag complete.

  1. Convince a girl you are a Millionaire and you are out celebrating a new multi-million pound contract
  2. Get at least two barmaids numbers
  3. Do 20 Push-ups on the dance floor of every Pub/Club you go in
  4. Convince a random person to let you lick their Armpit
  5. Collect at least 5 items of clothing from 5 different women, and keep them.

There you have your dares and your challenges to add to your Stag Do Packages, now go and make your drunken Stag friend complete what has been set out before him, but before you do that, call our Party Planners  on 0115 941 5282 or go to our Contact Us page to enquire

Author: Matt Crookes 

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