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Classic Stag Do Activities


You can never beat the good old Classics in all walks of life. And a Stag Do is the same, the classic Stag Do Activities are still to this day our bestselling Packages, and with good reason, because they are still just as awesome as they were when the first Stag Do goer’s discovered them, right back at the dawn of time. So what are the classics? And will you be sticking to the good old traditions, or creating your own Stag Do destiny.

First and foremost we have Paintballing, there is nothing wrong with a good old Paintballing day, except for maybe the wounds, but man the hell up, it’s fun! Pretty much all of the paintballing venues offer a nice variety of exciting courses, and tend to split them into either a half day or full day of paintballing, so if you don’t want to be sore for your night out you can go for the half day and have some time to recover, or if you’re a man you will do the full day and still manage to go out, won’t you?

Next up is Go-Karting, this is another firm favourite with the Stag Groups. There are 2 main types of Karting, which are Indoor & outdoor. In the UK though, our awesome whether obviously hinders the latter, which in turn is pathing the way for Indoor Karting to become the favourite out of the 2. Indoor Karting is in every way just as good as Outdoor in terms of the Karts you use, as they do tend to be the same. But the Indoor tracks, though in some cases may not be as big, are certainly more creative. They are more of a figure of 8 shape, with bridges and tunnels under and over the track.

Probably one of the more expensive (depending on your will power) of the Classics is the Casino. Spending a night, or even just a couple of hours in the Casino is great for a Stag Do, especially if you have that one lucky guy in your group, then hopefully the drinks are on him all night. Worth a try if you ask me, just don’t blow all your money, because that’s just a night ender.

The Strip Club, what guy on his Stag Do doesn’t want to go see a pair of boobs? In fact what guy in general doesn’t want to go do this? But the age old tradition of going to a Strip club for the Stags send of is the beating heart of most Stag Weekends. It is the ultimate Classic Stag Do Activity, as I am sure you are aware. 

So that is my round up of some of the Classic Stag Do Activities, keep a keen eye out though, because I will be writing an article on Modern Activities in the coming weeks, and you are not going to want to miss that. If you have questions, or want to book with us, give our Party Planners a call on 0115 941 5282 or go to our Contact Us page to enquire.

Author: Matt Crookes

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