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See The Sites On Your Liverpool Stag Do


As you may or may not know, I have written a series of articles on the Top Places to go in certain Cities across the UK that I think are worth a visit. York, Nottingham and Manchester (so far) to be a little more precise. And now my next stop is Liverpool. So if a Liverpool Stag Do is tickling your fancy, and you feel like seeing the sites in between doing one of Gents Events’ awesome Activities, then you may friend, have just stumbled across the right page.

The Cavern Club

Have you heard of an old school band called The Beatles? No? well they did pretty well for themselves back in the 60’s, had a few number ones, sold a few Records, and I’m told the were pretty influential? Also it turns out that they are from Liverpool, and the Cavern Club is where it all started for them, taking themselves and The Cavern Club into the record books. The Beatles played 292 shows here, before and after their massive fan base began to grow. People that are lucky enough to remember these early shows, say they were the best the band ever played. So if you are in the City, you should not hesitate to visit this massive part of musical history.

Rock ‘n’ Goal

Well we are on the subject of The Beatles, you should also think about treating yourself to a Rock ‘n’ Goal ticket. This gets you an Anfield Stadium tour (Liverpool’s home ground if you didn’t already know) and the Beatles Story, entrance fee. So you get to visit 2 of Liverpool’s key attractions, all in one ticket. Sounds like a good shout to me (If you are a Liverpool fan of course!).


I guess that the Spaceport isn’t really a normal thing that you may consider going to on your Stag Weekend, but I’m not normal, and neither and the places that I pick, deal with it. I’m fully about to quote Spaceport’s website here but, “Spaceport is a £10m attraction covering the subjects of Space and Space Travel.” There are 6 different galleries at Spaceport, each with a different theme. So could be worth a visit, just to see what the crack is if nothing else. 

Land Rover Experience 

The Liverpool Land Rover Experience is the newest of all the Land Rover Experience centres. It is also the home to the Range Rover Evoque and Land Rover Freelander 2. It is basically a tour of the factory that builds the Lands Rovers. You get to see every single stage of the production process, and then once the tour is over, you get to take a Land Rover for a spin around their purpose built off road track. Now that sounds pretty nifty if you ask me.


So that concludes my Top Places to Visit for your site seeing Liverpool Stag Do. Granted, half of it is focused on The Beatles, but I quite like The Beatles, so I was being selfish. But if you don’t fancy doing any of that, then do not fret. Gents Events have tons of Activities for you, just give our Party Planners a bell on 0115 941 5282 or go to our Contact Us Page to enquire.

Author: Matt Crookes

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