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Challenges For a Drunken Stag


This is the second part of my Challenges that you need to add to your Stag Do Packages, and to make your good mate (the Stag) complete. If you haven’t already, then check out the first part here Challenge Yourself To Challenge The Stag

So I know in part one, I was talking about it being better to do the Challenges before your victim is too drunk to care. So I am now going to contradict myself, by saying it’s also going to be pretty funny to get the Stag to do some Challenges after he has had a few jars, because let’s be honest, when a bit of Dutch courage is involved anything can happen.

These Challenges are for you to do as the night starts to press on a bit, and as yours, and the Stags blood alcohol level starts to steadily increase, and maybe he is beginning to feel a little more brave, or maybe not. But still, that’s no excuse. It is now your job to make sure he does what needs to be done. 

  1. He must stand next to a random guy at the urinal, look him up and down and then in a camp voice, comment on his penis.
  2. Make him do a hard-core tequila slammer (snort salt, drink shot, squeeze lemon into eye)
  3. Send him over to a group of girls, make sure he has all of them listening to him, and then he has to tell the worst joke possibly, in the most enthusiastic way, you can pick the joke he has to tell for added fun. Than he has to finish the joke off by hysterically laughing at his own terrible joke.
  4. Buy him a glorious pint of ‘The Top Shelf’ and make sure he finishes it
  5. You see that girl over there? Talk her into letting you lick her armpit.  This is what you will be challenging the Stag to do.

There you have your 5 Challenges. Remember your challenge is to make sure the Stag completes all of these Challenges, before he is too drunk to walk, but drunk enough to make himself look even more ridiculous. So this is your mission, this is your quest, make him lick an armpit, that’s hairier than the rest.  But before you do any of that, be sure to check out all of our Stag Do Packages or call our Party Planners on 0115 941 5282 if you have any questions or alternatively go to our Contact Us page to enquire

Author: Matt Crookes 

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