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Challenge Yourself to Challenge the Stag


We all know about the silly dares, and pranks that need to happen on every Stag Do. But most, if not all of these happen when you are all already plastered, and the Stag doesn’t really feel any shame at this point (well not as much) So your challenge is to make the below challenges part of your Stag Do Packages and to make sure the Stag completes all of them, before he is too drunk to stop caring (maximum embarrassment)

  1. Get the Stag to go in to a shop and purchase a porn mag, a box of tissues and some hand cream (he must keep a straight face throughout) and he CANNOT use self-scan checkouts. 
  2. Have a mascot (something you have stolen from the stags house) and get pictures with it at the city’s key landmarks, or just doing random things. Try not to let the stag know about it until after your weekend, then show him what your object of choice has been up too.
  3. Get the Stag to stand in the City centre wearing a silly fancy dress costume (a penis costume, a chicken costume, a dress) and a sign that reads “I will complete any dare for just £1” and he must sell it, no just standing there hoping no one asks him. Then it is yours & the rest of the group’s job to make sure he completes whatever random passers-by dare him to do. Don’t be afraid to pay him a quid or 2, yourself.
  4. Find a Busker.  This shouldn’t be too hard to do as they tend to be everywhere in most City Centres. Then make the Stag join in with said busker. After he has finished he must suggest a 50:50 split on the buskers earnings (don’t be too pushy with this, do it as a joke because you don’t want to start any trouble)
  5. Dress the Stag in banana suit, and the rest of you all dress in gorilla suits, except one person in a zoo keeper costume. The zoo keeper acts as the referee and it’s his job to start the game whenever he pleases. So when the zoo keeper announces the start of the game, the Stag (dressed as a banana) must start running, then after a couple of seconds all of the gorillas chase after him. 

So there you have your challenges. Go now young Stag Do goer, go now and complete the challenges laid before you. They may not be glorious, they may not be glamorous, but they are yours, yours to make that unlucky best friend of yours suffer with. But before you go, be sure to check out all of our Stag Do Packages or call our Party Planners on 0115 941 5282 if you have any questions

Author: Matt Crookes

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