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5 Places to Visit on Your Nottingham Stag Do


Being from Nottingham, it is quite easy for me to say that Nottingham is great City for a Night out. Everywhere you go in the centre, you are always right next to your next pub. So if plan on having a  Nottingham Stag Do you will be in no way disappointed, because as well as hundreds of pubs and loads of great night clubs, there are loads of Activities for you to do, and some great places for you to visit if you have the time. Below I have listed the top 5 places I think you should visit if you are coming down (or up) to Robin Hood Country. 

Greyhound Racing

Greyhound racing is guaranteed to be a great night out for your Stag Group. You get all the excitement of betting/winning and all the disappointment of losing. The best part of it though is the fact that you don’t need to be a millionaire to bet on each race, bets start from as little as 50p, so that is great if you plan to spend the evening there. Races are every Monday, Friday and Saturday throughout the year, so even if it’s not part of your original plan you can just turn up and start betting.  If the Dogs do take your fancy than have a look at our Greyhound Racing Packages

Wollaton Hall

If you have seen the latest Bat Man Film, The Dark Night Rises. Then you have already seen Wollaton Hall, as it stars as Wayne Manor throughout the film. So if you are a fan of the Film than you have to take the short trip outside the City Centre to see the place that Bruce Wayne called home.

Oldest Pubs in England

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem claims the be the oldest inn in England.  There are actually 3 pubs in Nottingham that all claim to be the oldest, The Bell, Ye Olde Salutation Inn and The Trip (as it’s known locally). There are all pretty much in the City Centre so you could easily check out all three and judge for yourself which you think to be the oldest. Ye Olde Salutation also has an extensive cave system below it, and they do have Ghost walks every Saturday night for a small fee. And obviously all three of them sell beer, need I say any more?

Castle Rock Brewery 

If you are a fan of Real Ale, than you should go check out this Brewery. Tours are everyday throughout the day and last around 45 minutes, you also get to sample up to 3 beers, pour your own drink and get a picture behind the bar, should you want that. This could be great for something to do around lunch time as they do offer hot and cold meals.


Nottingham is home to the UK’s only Hooters bar! So you definitely cannot miss out on this. Full of Wings, Beers, Sports and Girls, what more do I need to say, other than BE THERE!! You will not regret it, not one bit!

So there you have 5 places to visit if you are heading to Nottingham and have no Activities planned in the day, or just generally have some free time on your hands. There is so much to do in Nottingham, but above all that, you are 100% guaranteed a banging night out. There are loads of pubs/cocktail bars and clubs all over the place. So you should definitely think about having Nottingham Stag Do and if you are, then call our Party Planners on 0115 941 5282 or go to our Contact Us page to enquire.


Author: Matt Crookes

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