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Original Stag Do Pranks Part II – The Sleep Edition


stag do pranks

This is the Second instalment of our Original Stag Do Pranks Page. If you haven’t already, you should definitely check out the first part written by Sunny Matharu, here.

So the Stag Weekend/night is here to send off the Groom. (As we all know) Although sending him off is the key goal, that doesn’t mean that we as men are in any way going to make it easy for him. He is about to give up a whole lot for married life, and i say he must pay for his betrayal! And the old ways just aren’t cutting it anymore. So when the stag hits the sack, let the games begin. Here are some original Stag Do Pranks that you can pull off when he is at his most vulnerable.


From Head to chin

Ok, so I know these are meant to be original, but this is a new take on an old trick.

For this you are going to need some form of glue that will work with hair. When the groom has passed out (I’m counting on you to get him drunk enough to pass out) proceed to shave his head. (That’s the old part) Once you have shaved his head, glue the hair to his face to make a beard, also maybe glue some to the back of his hands and chest, if you have enough hair to do so that is.


The Patient

This one will only really work on a more gullible Groom to be, but the look on his face when he first wakes up will be worth it. You’re going to need to get your hands on some bandages, or plaster if possible. You have got to be gentle with this as not to wake him. But when the time is right and the z’s are truly flying, wrap one of his arms or a leg in the bandages, which ever you think you could make more believable. And simply leave him until he wakes up on his own. Then tell him he was dancing on a table and fell off and broke which ever limb you have bandaged. Or whatever other funny story you can whip together. And just continue that story for as long as you feel necessary, assuming he doesn’t figure it out on his own that is.

The Seeping Sauce

This Prank is going to take some premeditation. If you are sharing a room with the Stag or can get access to his room, you need to take full advantage of this. You are going to need a fair few sachets of ketchup or any other sauce you can get. To pull this off you might need to hang back after everyone else has gone out, so you can have the freedom of setting it up without any interruptions. So when the time is right peel back the Stags bed sheets and pin a few little holes in to each sachet, then place them all under his sheet and maybe a few in his pillow case. But be gentle so no sauce leaks out until the right time. Carefully tuck everything back to where it was. Then go and enjoy the night with everybody else. All being well the Stag will stumble back to his room in a drunken state, with only the promise of a comfy bed willing him on. But when he dives into bed the sauce will seep through the sheets and leave him in a ketchup soaked mess.

So these are just a few prank ideas I could come up with, but keep an eye out because more are on the way. In the meantime though, feel free to contact us here to tell us all about your own Stag Weekend pranks.

Remember these are all In the name of fun, so only use them if there is no actual risk of ruining your mates wedding, or your friendship for that matter.

Author: Matt Crookes 

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