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Leeds Stag Do Ideas

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So you’re thinking of heading to Leeds for your all-important Stag Do, but you have no idea what you are going to do once you get there. Or maybe you have an idea but you just want to weigh up your options, either way, I have pulled together some great Leeds Stag Do ideas that you can really sink your teeth into. I will give you a rundown on the more obvious activities (excluding the really obvious, drinking an obscene amount of alcohol, responsibly of course) like Go-Karting & Paintballing, but I will also talk about the less obvious things you could possibly get up to in Leeds, like Mini Tank Driving.

Indoor Karting

When it comes to a Stag Do and thinking about what you can do. Go-Karting is always up there on the “must do list.” And with good reason, Indoor Karting is perfect for our country. Because as anyone who has ever stepped foot in Britain would know, our weather is far from ideal. Indoor Karting really isn’t that much different from regular Karting, (Except the unmissable fact of being inside) but you don’t have the worry of one minute racing with perfect sunshine, to the next minute racing in arctic conditions. The indoor tracks tend not to be as big as their outdoor cousins, and also they tend to be laid out slightly different, in the case of the Leeds circuit, it has an on-track bridge/tunnel and a raised Pit-Lane with a second tunnel underneath. The Karts at the Leeds circuit boasts a single 270cc eco-friendly Honda engines, and if driven well can hit 45MPH. That may not seem fast, but when you are pretty much sat on the floor, it feels a hell of a lot faster. Take a look at our Indoor Karting packages here. Also feel free to have a look at our Outdoor Karting Packages here


You can’t really go wrong with Paintballing. There is nothing better than equipping yourself with a gun, camouflaged overalls, and a Rambo style headband. (And all the boring safety stuff) and then running around a forest, shooting round balls of pure pain at someone that until 5 minutes ago, was your best friend (ahh, bliss). There are 9 different game zones in Leeds, that include A Bridge to Far, Castle Wolfenstein and Tomb Rider. Our Paintball packages also include 100 free paintballs to get you started. For more information on Paintballing click here

Mini Tank Driving

Picture this. You and a couple of mates are stood in the middle of a forest, you can hear a faint rumble of engines and the noticeable sound of screeching tank tracks.  When over a small rise appears, not an army of battle tanks. But instead, 3 dudes that are driving mini tanks. Mini Tanks I hear you ask?  Yes, Mini tanks, they are exactly like a normal tank, only a lot smaller, and you actually get to drive them! Leeds is one of only a few places in the world to offer this activity. Personally, I haven’t done this yet, but give me half a chance and I will be rolling like its 1942. These tanks drive exactly like the real thing, and there is also a purpose built off road track, that you are let loose on. Also while I was doing my research on this, I found out that these tanks are about to get so much better! They are only going and equipping these mini-beasts with paintball guns!! So definitely keep an eye out for that, I know I will be. In the meantime though click here to check out our Mini Tank Driving packages.

So there are just a few reasons you should get you and your Stag Group to Leeds, I mean come on, Tanks with paintball guns! Surely that puts the idea of a Leeds Stag Do at the front of your mind. If that is the case then give our party planners a call on 0115 941 5282 or contact us here

Author: Matt Crookes

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