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Clay Pigeon shooting – The How to guide


Clay Pigeon shooting is a great activity if you are looking for something to do in the day of your Stag Weekend. We have some great Stag Do Packages that include Clay Pigeon Shooting, in a few different Cities’ across the country.

Clay Pigeon shooting is a very popular sport worldwide, but at the same time it is very dangerous, as you are firing a real shotgun that fires real shells. So here are a few tips to help prepare yourself, if you are feeling a little nervous about holding a life threatening weapon on your clay pigeon shooting stag do.


How you stand when shooting is very important. If you do not have the correct posture, the recoil of the gun could cause you harm. So you need to stand so your body absorbs the recoil, rather than bouncing off it. You need to stand so your feet are a shoulder width apart. If you are right handed you need to stand with your left foot forward (in the direction you want to be shooting) and your right foot behind you, with your left knee bent slightly. Place the butt of the gun firmly to your right shoulder and lock it in with your cheek, so you can see down the barrel to aim, if you are left handed have your right foot forward and bend your right knee slightly, and place the butt of the gun firmly on your left shoulder. Do not put the butt of the gun to your face to aim, because you will end up losing a tooth or two.


Obviously you are not going to hit a single Clay if you don’t aim properly. So with you cheek resting against the butt of the gun, look down the gun and use the sight on the end of the barrel to aim. Lock your shoulders and arms, and aim by twisting your waist as you follow the Clay through the sky. You want to aim slightly ahead of the Clay, so when you fire, the pellets cross the path of it and hopefully hit it.


The guns that are always used for Clay Pigeon Shooting are shotguns. There are a few different types of shotguns but the main model used is an Over & under Double Barrel Shotgun.  These shotguns hold two shells, and normally have just one trigger, although some models do have 2 triggers. When a shot is fired, hundreds of tiny metal balls leave the barrel which spread out, making it easier to hit a flying target

You will receive a full briefing, and all the safety equipment you need (including a shotgun) once you get to your activity, but these are just a few points so you are not flying blind, and have a little knowledge of what you need to do once you get there. So if you haven’t already check out all of our Stag Do Packages and get yourself on a Clay Pigeon Shooting Stag Weekend.

Author: Matt Crookes

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