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Best Man Speech – The Do’s and Don’ts


So you have been given the great honour of being the best man, congratulations! Now you have the responsibility of organising all the stag do ideas in to an actual plan of action, whilst making sure the groom has the best send off on his last night before the big day. And obviously you also have the responsibility of the ‘Best Man Speech`. Now this can be very nerve-wracking (I should know, I am the best man for my dad’s upcoming wedding) and knowing what to say can be quite tricky. So here are some tips to hopefully make it funny but also keep it sincere.

  • Don’t read the whole speech straight from the cards

There is nothing worse than listening to a speech from a nervous Best Man, who is poorly reading his speech word for word. 

  • Do rehearse your speech

Write it more like bullet points or short sentences that you can just read, and then make the rest up as you go along. Or if you are a little more nervous ( a bit like I will be) write your speech word for word as you want it, but really practice it, over and over again until you know it off by heart, and just have the cards as guides or props too keep your hands busy. And don’t be afraid to practice it in front of friends & family   

  • Don’t try to be too funny 

This really never works out. By all means tell funny stories about the groom (and maybe the bride, if you’re brave enough) that are sure to make people laugh, but bear in mind you can go too far with this. 

  • Do have a backup plan 

If you are telling a joke that really isn’t working out, try and think of a quirky way to get yourself out of it. This could be quite hard as you won’t know until the actual event if the joke will work or not. But try to stay natural and don’t get worked up when the joke doesn’t work out, it happens. But also this is where rehearsing in front of people will become an advantage.

  • Don’t humiliate the bride

Remember it’s her day. Don’t be afraid to make a wise crack followed by a compliment. But if you full on humiliate her like she was the groom, you might just end up ruining the whole day.

  • Do humiliate the groom

That is really what the Best Man Speech is here for. Keep in mind what kind of audience you are going to be addressing though.  If all you do is talk about all the great stag do ideas you had or, who slept with who on that night out when you were younger, you are going to end up alienating most of the people there, because it was one of them ‘you had to be there` moments. So make it funny but be wary of the type of people in the audience.

So they are my top 3 Do’s & Don’ts, hopefully they will help you in some way. Have fun with your speech but also keep it at least a little serious. Good luck, and remember if you need any help with your Stag Do Ideas or have any other questions you can call our Party Planners on 0115 941 5282.

Author : Matt Crookes

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