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How to win on a Paintball stag do

Anyone who has been paintballing will know that as soon as you have filled up your gun with paintballs, your trigger finger is itching to pull the lever so you can let rip against your mates!  The attendant charges your gun with gas, and asks you to fire some practice rounds and you’re ready.  But wait, remember, you can empty these paintballs in no time at all and refilling this all day will cost you a nice amount of money.  As a fan of paintball, I'm here to save you a bit of money on the course but also make sure you’re one of the last man standing.  Here are my top tips on how to win at a Paintballing stag do

Get overalls which fit you properly

The terrain is going to be muddy, messy and you will either fall over or will opt to dive around.  If you are wearing overalls which are miles to big for you, as soon as these get wet and muddy, they are going to seem even bigger and it won't be too pleasant!  Try your best to get overalls which fit you so you can move around comfortably 

Test your gun at the range

When you have got your overalls and safety glasses on, the instructors will ask you to select a gun and they will then fill the gas into the canister.  They will then ask you to take a few practice shots.  Use this opportunity to make sure your gun is firing straight and seems powerful enough.  If it isn't it wont be any good on the field!  If you see a problem with it, get it swapped and test again. 

Spot your vantage points

Once everyone is equipped and ready to go, the instructor will take you to the field and will brief  you on the game.  Make sure you are listening but also keep a keen eye on the field, look at where you can get a good vantage point as once the instructor blows the whistle, all of you will run and scramble to try and find a good spot! 

Single fire, save your bullets

At the start of the round everyone will be seeing where each other is hiding and you will see the odd head popping out to take a peak.  This is a great opportunity to test your aiming and pop the odd shot off.  It's really pointless blasting out a lot of bullets at this point as you won't hit anything as they will simply hide.  Save your bullets as you can't hide all game, and towards the last 5 minutes or so, things get a little bit more hectic and this is where you will need your bullets and trigger happy time will kick in!  

Stay low

When you are running around, diving and looking around, make sure you stay as low as possible.  If you stand up tall, your a big target and any preying eyes will soon catch you and open fire!

Talk to each other

Remember, communication is key as you will need to have some tactics in place.  If you don't talk to each other, nothing will happen but if you set up a plan and talk to each other, you’re more likely to win some rounds

Have fun when you go on your paintballing stag do - i promise you it will be a laugh and will definitely get your adrenaline pumping!  It's going to hurt a little bit when the paintball catches you but that's all part of the fun.  Enjoy!

Author : Sunny Matharu

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