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I had my first ever trip to a casino a few weeks ago and I absolutely loved it! I ended up walking out (well stumbling, as I was a little tipsy!) £15 up which I was probably overly pleased with at the time! It’s easy to see why casinos and gambling evenings are so popular, especially with groups. They bring out a competitive edge in everyone, the atmosphere is exciting and the alcohol is flowing! As long as you set yourselves a realistic gambling limit then you can eliminate that horrible morning feeling of realising you’ve spent your whole month’s pay in one weekend.. Unfortunately you’ll probably still have that other horrible morning feeling of perhaps having one too many the night before!

So if you fancy a flutter, we have two of the best gambling stag activities around; Greyhound Racing and Casino Evenings!

Greyhound Racing

Now I’ve never been to the dogs but it’s always somewhere I’ve wanted to go. You can get great deals on drinks and food packages, and if you limit your betting it can be a cheap night; you might even walk out a few pounds up if you’re lucky!

Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to be a shady character with a fur lined jacket and flat cap to be accepted into the world of greyhound racing; although maybe it’s something worth thinking about if you’re going in fancy dress..! Greyhound stadiums are a lot more stylish and impressive than you may expect. With their modern approach to racing, some stadiums now contain plush restaurants, entertainment facilities, private VIP areas and lively bars! Your night at the dogs can range from traditional racing night packages through to racing evenings with a difference…

Our Manchester Greyhound package includes something very unique; you get to name a race after yourselves in the race programme!  Once the race is over, your group will go trackside to present the winning greyhound owner with a trophy. Just imagine when it is announced over the PA for all to hear (so don’t pick anything too rude..)!

Greyhound Racing is available in Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham and Birmingham.

Casino Evening

I’m now a fully-fledged fan of casinos. You can’t beat the feeling of winning a quid on roulette (crazy, I know)! These spectacular Las Vegas style casinos will guarantee you have the best stag do, as long as you don’t go in there thinking you’re Clooney in Ocean’s Eleven ;)

Our casinos offer a wide range of games across a number of floors. Whether you’re a novice or a high roller you can find something to suit your group with our variety of packages including; drinks on arrival, a selection of delicious canapés and two or three course meals. Not to mention ‘learn to play’ sessions and free bets.

Even if you’ve ran out of money, or you’re just taking it steady, casinos offer free soft drinks throughout the night. So why not get dosed up on coffee and take your bets on who will be the last man standing out of your mates?!

Casino Evenings are available in Newcastle, Birmingham, Bristol, Nottingham and Leeds.

So will you choose the ‘odds on favourite’; Greyhound Racing or will a Casino Evening be your ‘Royal flush’? To enquire about either of these gambling stag activities, or to discuss the range of evening events we offer, please call our sales team on 0115 941 5282.

Author : Laura Wojtania

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